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41.[O] 1997年秋田焼山火山素蒸気爆発のエネルギー量と噴火機構.[地球惑星科学関連合同大会予稿集,(2001)]大場司,谷口宏充,宮本毅,長谷中利昭,林信太郎
42.[O] 遺物包有層である火山灰土層に関する調査報告.[鹿角市文化財調査資料70 特別史跡大湯環状列石 発掘調査報告,(18),(2001),96-102]宮本毅
43.[O] Volcanism of Kikai Caldera after the Akahoya Eruption.[The report of Northeast Asian Studies,(6),(2001),253-277]F. Maeno, T.Miyamoto, H. Taniguti
44.[O] Magma mixing process in magma chamber included by a volcanic cruption : a case of scoria fall deposits from kirishima volcano group, Japan.[Abstract for Western pacific Geophysics Meating,(2000)]Miyamoto T.,Fujimaki H.
45.[O] The relation between the magma pluming system and the diversity of tholeiitic magma.[Abstracts of 2000 Japan Earth and Planetary Science Joint meeting,(2000)]MIYAMOTO Tsuyoshi
46.[O] The structure of stratified magma chamber induced from volcanic products.[Programme and Abstracts. The volcanological society of Japan,(1999),28-]宮本毅,藤巻宏和
47.[O] The correlation between magma eruption rate and the eruptive seqnence of magma from stratified magma chamber.[Abstracts 1999 Japan Earth and Planetary Science Joint Meeting,(1999)]宮本毅,藤巻宏和
48.[O] Continental mantle xenoliths beneath Wangqing, Jilin Province, Northeastern China.[Northeast Asian Studies,3,(1999),233-248]宮本毅,藤巻宏和,谷口宏充,長谷中利昭
49.[O] Magma mixing process at Ohachi volcano, Kirishima volcaroes -Where has the magma mixing occurred? -.[Abstracts of 1998 Japan Earth and Planetary Science Joint Meeting,(1998),402-]宮本毅,藤巻宏和
50.[O] Major and Trace Elements in the Volcanic Rocks from Ulreung Island, Korea.[Northeast Asian Studies,2,(1998),9-20]T. Miyamoto, H. Fujimaki, T. Ohba, T. Hasenaka, H. Taniguti, A. Kitakaze
51.[O] Catalogue of the Volcanoes from the Cheju Monogenetic Volcano group, Korea.[Northeast Asian Studies,2,(1998),41-74]長谷中利昭,李文遠,谷口宏充,北風嵐,宮本毅,藤巻宏和
52.[O] Geomorphological Characteristics of the Monogenetic Volcanoes from Cheju Island, Korea..[Northeast Asian Studies,2,(1998),21-40]長谷中利昭,李文遠,藤巻宏和,北風嵐,宮本毅,谷口宏充
53.[O] Preliminary Investigation of the Continental Mantle Materials beneath Kuandian, Lianong, Northeastern China.[Northeast Asian Studies,2,(1998),1-8]Miyamoto T.,Fujimaki H.,Hasenaka T.,Taniguchi H.,Kitakaze A.
54.[O] The magma of kirishima volcanoes.[1997 CA reports,(1997),289-]宮本毅
55.[O] Magmatic evolution of Takachiho compound volcano in kirishima volcanoes.[Abstracts of 1997 Japan Earth and Planetary Science Joint Meeting,(1997),679-]宮本毅
56.[O] Chemial variation of products from Ohachi volcano, kirishima volcanoes.[Programme and Abstracts. The Volcanological Society of Japan,(1996),142-]宮本毅,筒井正明
57.[O] Petrological Evolution of kirishima volcano group, Japan.[Abstracts of 1995 Japan Earth and Planetary Science Joint Meeting,(1995),75-]宮本毅
58.[O] Evolutional history and rock series of kirishima volcano group.[Abstract with Program 1994 Annual Meeting, The Japanese Association of Minevalogists, Petrolagists and Economic Geologists,(1995),30-]宮本毅
59.[O] Magma Plumbing systems of kirishima volcano group in Y2 stage.[PROGRAMME AND ABSTRACTS. THE VOLCANOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF JAPAN,(1994),29-]宮本毅,吉田武義
60.[O] Chemical evolution of the rocks from kirishima volcanoes.[Abstracts of 1994 Japan Earth and Planetary Science Joint Meeting,(1994),71-]宮本毅
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