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21.[O] 白頭山火山の9世紀噴火の発見とその意義.[日本火山学会秋季大会講演予稿集,(2004)]中川光弘,宮本 毅,田中勇三,吉田まき枝,谷口宏充
22.[O] 霧島火山群・御鉢火山における噴出量累積変化とマグマ進化.[地球惑星科学関連合同大会予稿集,(2004)]宮本毅
23.[O] Eruptive Sequence of the 10th century Baitoushan Eruption.[CNEAS monograph series,(16),(2004),15-44]T. Miyamoto, M. Nakagawa, Y. Tanaka, M. Yoshida
24.[O] Relationships between the Baitoushan eruption and folktales of surrounding areas.[CNEAS Monograph series,(16),(2004),153-166]T. Miyamoto
25.[O] Inventory of the Baitoushan outcrops.[CNEAS Monograph series,(16),(2004),167-210]T.Miyamoto, H. Kanno, T.Nagase
26.[O] The Finding and its significance of 9th CenturyBaitoushan Eruption.[CNEAS Monograph Series,(16),(2004),45-54]M.Nakagawa, T. Miyamoto, Y. Tanaka, M. Yoshida
27.[O] 霧島火山群・御鉢火山片添スコリア噴火のマグマ供給系ー複数マグマ溜りからの同時噴出ー.[日本火山学会秋季大会講演予稿集,(2003)]宮本毅
28.[O] 霧島火山群・御鉢火山におけるマグマ進化.[日本岩石鉱物鉱床学会学術講演会予稿集,(2003)]宮本毅
29.[O] Eruption of Towada volcano in Heian-period.[Abstracts of the XXIII General Assembly of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics,A,(2003)]Tanaka M.,Taniguchi H.,Miyamoto T.
30.[O] The huge Baitoushan(Chngbaishan) eruption in 10th century : twice ignimbrite eruptions for short period.[Abstracts of the XXIII General Assembly of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics,A,(2003)]Miyamoto T.,Nakagawa M., Taniguchi H.
31.[O] Reexamination of explosive volcanism of Baitoushan volcano.[The report of Northeast Asian Studies,7,(2003),93-110]T. Miyamoto, M. Nakagawa, T.Nagase, H. Kanno, T.Ohba, S. Kitamura, H. Taniguti
32.[O] Time variation of 10th century eruption in Baitoushan volcano.[Chikyu Monthly,号外39,(2002),202-209]T.Miyamoto, M. Nakagawa, T. Ohba, T. Nagase, H. Kannno, H. Taniguit
33.[O] 南九州における第四紀カルデラ活動の成因.[日本火山学会秋季大会講演予稿集,(2002)]宮本毅
34.[O] 十和田火山平安噴火の火山地質.[地球惑星関連合同大会予稿集,(2002)]田中倫久,宮本毅,谷口宏充
35.[O] 雲仙普賢岳平成火砕流についてー堆積物の特徴と被害状況ー.[地球惑星関連合同大会講演予稿集,(2002)]上田哲也,谷口宏充,宮本毅
36.[O] 白頭山10世紀巨大噴火の噴火時系列と火山伝承.[地球惑星科学関連合同大会予稿集,(2002)]宮本毅,中川光弘,成澤勝,大場司,長瀬敏郎,谷口宏充
37.[O] Study on the Usu 2000 Phreatic Explosions in Terms of Field Explosion Experiments.[Bulletin of volcanological society of Japan,47(4),(2002),243-253]A. Yokoo, H. Taniguti, H. Oshima, A. Goto, T. Ohba, T. Miyamoto, Research group on volcanic Explosions
38.[O] 民族伝承中に残された白頭山10世紀噴火.[地球惑星科学関連合同大会予稿集,(2001)]宮本毅,成澤勝,大場司,長瀬敏郎,谷口宏充
39.[O] 口之永良部島の火山地質.[地球惑星科学関連合同大会予稿集,(2001)]赤津義信,谷口宏充,宮本毅
40.[O] 鬼界カルデラの後カルデラ活動史.[地球惑星科学関連合同大会予稿集,(2001)]前野深,宮本毅,谷口宏充
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