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41.仙台南西部に分布する東北日本太平洋側標準層序としての中・上部中新統および鮮新統.[地質学雑誌,119(補遺),(2013),96-119]藤原 治,鈴木紀毅,林 広樹,入月俊明
42.奄美大島西方と悪石島南海域の放散虫・フェオダリアと共生藻類の調査.[豊潮丸航海報告書,2013-04,(2013),13-18]鈴木紀毅,辻 彰洋,加藤ひかる
43.微化石標本・資料センター(MRC: Micropaleontological Reference Center)の活動と課題.[化石,(99),(2013),47-52]齋藤めぐみ, 谷村好洋, 鈴木紀毅, 相田吉昭, 須藤 斉
44.Early and Middle Eocene radiolarian assemblages in the eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean (IODP Leg 320 Site U1331): Faunal changes and implications for paleoceanography.[Marine Micropaleontology,98,(2013),1-13]Kamikuri S., Moore T. C., Lyle M., Ogane, K., Suzuki N.
45.Patchwork silicification and disposal activity of siliceous fragments of a polycystine radiolariannts of a polycystine radiolarian.[Revue de Micropaleontologie,56,(2013),63-74]Suzuki, N., Ogawa, K., Ogane, K., Tuji, A.
46.Radiolarians during Early and Middle Eocene, IODP Leg 320 Site U1331, eastern equatorial Pacific..[Proceedings of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program,320/321,(2012),1-11]Kamikuri, S., Moore, T. C., Ogane, K., Suzuki, N., Päike, H. and Nishi, H.
47.Early to middle Eocene radiolarian biostratigraphy, IODP Expedition 320 Site U1331, eastern equatorial Pacific.[Proceedings of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program,320/321,(2012),1-11]Kamikuri, S., Moore, T.C., Ogane, K., Suzuki, N., Pälike, H. and Nishi, H
48.南西諸島周辺海域の放散虫(リザリア)とフェオダリア(ケルコゾア).[豊潮丸 No 2012 –05航海報告書,2012(05),(2012),11-17]鈴木紀毅, 相田吉昭, 加藤ひかる, 品川美里
49.オーストラリア・タスマニア島南方海域の古海洋 ―白亜紀末期から第四紀まで:ODP Leg 189の成果―.[The Latest Cretaceous to the Quaternary Paleoceanographic History in the Southern Ocean, South of Tasmania, Australia: Results of ODP Leg 189,121(3),(2012),493-517]鈴木紀毅
50.Molecular phylogeny and morphological evolution of the Acantharia (Radiolaria).[Protist,163(3),(2012),435-450]Decelle, J., Suzuki, N. Mahé, F., De Vargas, C., Not, F.
51.Early Eocene to early Miocene radiolarian biostratigraphy for the low-latitude Pacific Ocean.[Stratigraphy,9(1),(2012),77-108]Kamikuri, S., Moore, T. C., Ogane, K., Suzuki, N., Pälike, H. and Nishi, H.
52.Early Triassic (Induan) Radiolaria and carbon-isotope ratios of a deep-sea sequence from Waiheke Island, North Island, New Zealand.[Paleoworld,20(2-3),(2011),166-178]Hori R.S., Yamakita S., Ikehara M., Kodama K., Takemura A., Kamata Y., Suzuki N., Takahashi Satoshi, Sporli K.B. and Grant-Mackie, J.A.
53.Achievement and unsolved issues on radiolarian studies: Taxonomy and cytology.[Plankton & Benthos Research,6(2),(2011),69-91]Suzuki, N. and Aita, Y.
55.The Guadalupian-Lopingian boundary (Permian) in a pelagic sequence from Panthalassa recognized by integrated conodot and radiolarian biostratigraphy.[Marine Micropaleontology,78,(2011),84-95]Nishikane, Y.; Kaiho, K., Takahashi,S., Henderson, C.M., Suzuki, N., Kanno, M.
56.Direct observation of the skeletal growth patterns of polycystine radiolarians using the silica-secreting fluorescent compound PDMPO.[Marine Micropaleontology,77,(2010),137-144]Ogane, K., Tuji, A., Suzuki, N., Matsuoka, A., Kurihara, T., Hori, R. S.
57.地球深部探査船「ちきゅう」の下北半島沖慣熟航海コア試料-物性変動から予測される古環境変動-.[化石,(87),(2010),65-81]青池 寛・西 弘嗣・坂本竜彦・飯島耕一・土屋正史・平 朝彦・倉本真一・眞砂英樹・下北コア研究グループ
58.地球深部探査船「ちきゅう」の下北半島沖慣熟航海コア試料の年代モデル.[化石,(87),(2010),47-64]堂満華子・西 弘嗣・内田淳一・尾田太良・大金 薫・青池 寛・平 朝彦
59.Distribution patterns of the radiolarian nuclei and symbionts using DAPI-fluorescence.[Bulletin of the National Museum of Nature and Scicene, Series B (Botany),35(4),(2009),169-182]Suzuki, N., Ogane, K., Aita, Y., Kato, M., Sakai, S., Kurihara, T., Matsuoka, A., Ohtsuka, S., Go, A., Nakaguchi, K., Yamaguchi, S., Takahashi Takashi and Tuji, A
60.Joint Haeckel and Ehrenberg Project “Reexamination of Haeckel and Ehrenberg Microfossil Collections as a historic and scientific legacy”: a summary.[National Museum of Nature and Science Monographs,(40),(2009)]Tanimura, Y., Tuji, T., Aita, Y., Suzuki, N., Ogane, K. and Sakai, T.
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