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141.[O] Geology of Northern Sakhalin, Russia and its relation to the relative convergence between the Eurasia and North America Plates.[Journal of Geography,109(2),(2000),235-248]Kameda J, Kimura G, Melinikov O.A., Hayasaka Y, Hashimoto Y, Skashima T, Arai T, Yoshino T, Suzuki N
142.[O] Intergrated microbiostratigraphy of the Middle Miocence sequences in the Shimokurosawa district, Ichinoseki City, Iwate Prefecture, Northeast Japan.[Journal of Geological Society of Japan,105(7),(1999),480-494]Hayashi H, Yanagisawa Y, Suzuki N, Tanaka Y, Saito T
143.[O] Lithostratigraphy and microfossil biochronology of Neogene sediments in the eastern Tanagurn Tanagura area, Fukushima Prefecture, Northeast Japan.[Journal of Geological Society of Japan,104(5),(1998),296-312]Shimamoto M, Hayashi H, Suzuki N, Tanaka Y, Saito T
144.[O] Measurement of skeletal morphology of spheroidal Polycystine (Radiolaria).[News of Osaka Micropaleontologists, Special Volume,(11),(1998),251-287]Suzuki N
145.[O] Morphological terminology of spheroidal Polycystine (Radiolaria).[News of Osaka Micropaleontologists, Special Volume,(11),(1998),289-301]Suzuki N
146.[O] Reexamination of the unconformity proposed at the boundary between the Lower and Middle Yezo Groups in the Soshubetsu area, Hokkaido, and its geological significance-reevaluation of the intra-Yezo disturbance).[Journal of Geological Society of Japan,103(5),(1997),489-492]Takashima R, Suzuki N, Koike T, Saito T
147.[O] Datum quality of fadiolarian fossil assemblages and normalization for comparison : Analysis by using Devonian Radiolaria from Oklahoma, USA.[News of Osaka Micropaleontologists, Special Volume,(10),(1997),1-13]Suzuki N
148.[O] Late Silurian ian and Early Devonian Polycystine(Radiolaria)from the Middle Paleozoic deposits in the Kamishi area, northeast Japan. Journal of the Geological Society of Japan.[Journal of Geological Scoiety of Japan,102(9),(1996),824-827]Suzuki N, Takahashi D, Kawamura T
149.[O] Devonian-Carboniferous radiolarians from the Woodford Formation, Oklahoma.[Journal of Geography,104(4),(1995),101-105]Suzuki N, Saito T
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