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121.[O] Lithofacies of Middle to Late Permian pelagic rocks on Arrow Rocks, North Island, New Zealand.[News of Osaka Micropaleontologists, Special Volume,(13),(2005),21-28]Takemura S., Sakamoto S., Takemura A., Nishimura T., Aita Y., Yamakita S., Kamata Y., K.B. Spörli, H. J. Campbell, Sakai T., Suzuki N., Hori R. S., Sakakibara M., Ogane K., Kodama K. and Nakamura Y.
122.[R] JACOM 2005 in Kawai 「葛巻ー釜石帯」.[ジュラ紀付加体友の会 巡検案内書,(2005), (2005), 1-19]鈴木紀毅,永広昌之
123.[O] Late Cretaceous-Quaternary biomagnetostratigraphy of ODP Sites 1168, 1170, 1171, and 1172, Tasmanian Gateway.[Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results,189,(2004),1-57]Stickley, C. E., Brinkhuis, H., McGonigal, K. L., Chaproniere, G. C. H., Fuller, M., Kelly, D. C., Nnberg, D., Pfuhl, H. A., Schellenberg, S. A., Schoenfeld, J., Suzuki, N., Touchard, Y., Wei, W., Williams, G. L., Lara, J, and Stant, S. A.
124.[O] Paleoceanographic affinities of radiolarian faunas in Aalenian time (Middle Jurassic) recorded in Jurassic accretionary complex of Japan.[Journal of Asian Earth Sciences,23(3),(2004),343-357]Suzuki N, Ogane K
125.[R] 古海洋学を志す学生のための微化石サマースクール.[(2004)]尾田太良,佐藤時幸,丸山俊明,山崎誠,鈴木紀毅,千代延俊,小林裕一,徳本諒,木田真太郎,大金薫
126.[O] Lithology of the ARG Section, North Island, New Zealand.[Hyogo University of Teacher Education Journal,24,(2004),25-31]Takemura S., Sakamoto S., Takemura A., Nishimura T., Aita Y., Yamakita S., Kamata Y., K. B. Spli, H.J. Campbell, Sakai T., Suzuki N., Hori R. S., Sakakibara M., Ogane K., Kodama K. and Nakamura Y
127.[O] Basaltic sheet intruding into Middle-Late Permian pelagic sedimentary rocks at Arrow Rocks, Waipapa Terrane, North Island, New Zealand.[Journal of the Geological Society of Japan,109(12),(2003),XXIII-XXIV]Sakakibara M, Sakai T, Hori R S, Spli B, Fujiki T, Aita Y, Takemura A, Campbell H, Takemura S, Kamata Y, Yamakita S, Suzuki N, Nakamura Y, Kodama K
128.[O] Re-definition of the Hayachine Tectonic Belt of Northeast Japan and a proposal of a new tectonic unit, the Nedamo Belt.[Japanese Journal of Structural Geology,(47),(2003),13-21]Ehiro M, Suzuki N
129.[O] Leg 189:新生代におけるタスマニア海峡の開裂と南太平洋の環境変動.[月刊地球 号外,(40),(2003),103-109]Suzuki N, Ennyu A, Kida S
130.[O] Middle Jurassic radiolarian-bearing manganese nodules from the Kuzumaki-Kamaishi Belt in the Northern Kitakami Massif and its significance.[Journal of Geological Society of Japan,108(8),(2002),536-539]Yoshihara K, Suzuki N, Ehiro M
131.[O] Late Olenekian radiolarians from bedded chert of the Ashio Terrane, northeast Japan, and faunal turnovers in western Panthalassa during Early Triassic.[Journal of China University of Geosciences,13(2),(2002),124-140]Suzuki N, Akiba N, Kano H
132.[O] The opening of the Tasmanian gateway drove global Cenozoic paleoclimatic and paleoceanographic changes: results of Leg 189.[JOIDES J,26(2),(2002),11-17]Exon N, Kennett J, Malone M, the Leg 189 Shipboard Scientific Party
133.[O] Drilling reveals climatic consequences of Tasmanian Gateway Opening.[EOS,83(23),(2002),253-259]Exon N, Kennett J et al.
134.[O] Discovery of scleractinian corals from the limestone conglomerate in the Kuzumaki-Kamaishi Belt, Northern Kitakami Massif, Northeast Japan and its significance.[Journal of Geological Society of Japan,107(8),(2001),531-534]Ehiro M, Nogi D, Mori K, Kawashima G, Suzuki N, Yoshirata K
135.[O] Mathematical expressive revisions to Vallupus/Eucyrtidiellum Number for better usage.[大阪微化石研究会誌特別号,(12),(2001),253-256]Suzuki N
136.[O] Radiolarians from the Waipapa Terrane in North Island, New Zealand.[Topics in Paleontology,(2),(2001),17-24]Takemura A, Aita Y, Sakai T, Hori R, Kodama H, Yamakita S, Kamata Y, Suzuki N, Sporli K.B., Campbell H.J
137.[O] Unlocking the radiolarian record from the Mesozoic terranes of New Zealand : Investigating the southern high latitude paleoceanographic history.[Topics in Paleontology,(2),(2001),1-16]Aita Y, Sakai T, Takemura A, Hori R, Kodama H, Yamakita S, Kamata Y, Suzuki N, Spli K.B., Grant-Mackie J.A., Campbell H.J., Hollis, C
138.[O] The Tasmanian Gateway : Cenozoic climate and oceanographic development.[Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program,189,(2001),1-1582]189 Scientific Participants
139.[O] L'ouvertue ocanique au Sud dela Tasmanie durant le Palogne, et ses consquences palocanographiques : resultats preliminaires dela mineralogie des argiles (Leg ODP 189).[Comptes rendus de l'Academie des Sciences. Serie II,(332),(2001),323-329]Robert, C.M., Exon, N.F., Kennett, J.P., Malone, M.M., Brinkhuis, H., Chaproniere, G.C.H., Ennyu, A., Fothergll, P., Fuller, M.D., Grauert, G., Hill, P.J., Hill, P.J., Janecek, T.R., Kelly, D.C., Latimer, J.C., McGonigal-Roessig, K., Nees, S., Ninnemann, U.S., Nnberg, D., Pekar, S.F., Pellaton, C.C., Pfuhl, H.A., Rl, U., Schellenberg, S.A., Shevenell, A.E., Strickley, C.E., Suzuki, N.
140.[O] Regular axopodial activity of Diplosphaera hexagonalis Haeckel(spheroidal spumellarian, Radiolaria).[Paleontological Research,5(2),(2001),131-140]Suzuki N, Sugiyama K
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