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61.[B] 古生物学事典 第2版.[(2010)]指田勝男・鈴木紀毅.『生層序学』,『層序学』,『年代層序学』.日本古生物学会(編)「古生物学事典 第2版」.朝倉書店. 238-285 p., 315-316 p., 398-399 p.
62.[O] 地球深部探査船「ちきゅう」の下北半島沖慣熟航海コア試料-物性変動から予測される古環境変動-.[化石,(87),(2010),65-81]青池 寛・西 弘嗣・坂本竜彦・飯島耕一・土屋正史・平 朝彦・倉本真一・眞砂英樹・下北コア研究グループ
63.[O] 地球深部探査船「ちきゅう」の下北半島沖慣熟航海コア試料の年代モデル.[化石,(87),(2010),47-64]堂満華子・西 弘嗣・内田淳一・尾田太良・大金 薫・青池 寛・平 朝彦
64.[O] Distribution patterns of the radiolarian nuclei and symbionts using DAPI-fluorescence.[Bulletin of the National Museum of Nature and Scicene, Series B (Botany),35(4),(2009),169-182]Suzuki, N., Ogane, K., Aita, Y., Kato, M., Sakai, S., Kurihara, T., Matsuoka, A., Ohtsuka, S., Go, A., Nakaguchi, K., Yamaguchi, S., Takahashi Takashi and Tuji, A
65.[O] Joint Haeckel and Ehrenberg Project “Reexamination of Haeckel and Ehrenberg Microfossil Collections as a historic and scientific legacy”: a summary.[National Museum of Nature and Science Monographs,(40),(2009)]Tanimura, Y., Tuji, T., Aita, Y., Suzuki, N., Ogane, K. and Sakai, T.
66.[O] Ehrenberg’s radiolarian collections from Barbados.[National Museum of Nature and Science Monographs,(40),(2009)]Ogane, K., Suzuki, N., Aita, Y., Sakai, T. and Lazarus, D.
67.[O] Reexamination of Ehrenberg’s Neogene radiolarian collections and its impact on taxonomic stability.[National Museum of Nature and Science Monographs,(40),(2009)]Suzuki, N., Ogane, K., Aita, Y., Sakai, T. and Lazarus, D.
68.[O] General results of reexamination of Ehrenberg’s radiolarian collections: with instructions on efficient methods to find microfossils from the Collection.[National Museum of Nature and Science Monographs,(40),(2009)]Suzuki, N., Lazarus, D., Ogane, K., Aita, Y. and Sakai, T.
69.[O] Radiolarian studies by Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg (1795-1876) and value of his species as type species of genera.[National Museum of Nature and Science Monographs,(40),(2009)]Suzuki, N.
70.[O] Haeckel’s Messina radiolarian collection in the Ernst-Haeckel-Haus.[National Museum of Nature and Science Monographs,(40),(2009)]Sakai, T., Suzuki, N., Ogane, K., Lazarus, D., Breidbach, O. and Bach, T.
71.[O] Haeckel Radiolaria Collection and the H.M.S. Challenger plankton collection.[National Museum of Nature and Science Monographs,(40),(2009)]Aita, Y., Suzuki, N., Ogane, K., Sakai, T., Lazarus, D., Young, J. and Tanimura, Y.
72.[O] Introduction to the reexamination of the Haeckel and Ehrenberg radiolarian collections.[National Museum of Nature and Science Monographs,(40),(2009)]Lazarus, D. and Suzuki, N.
73.[O] First application of PDMPO to examine silicification in polycystine radiolaria. Plankton and Benthos Research.[Plankton and Benthos Research,4(3),(2009),89-94]Ogane, K., Tuji, A., Suzuki, N., Kurihara, T. and Matsuoka, A.
74.[O] Sprogenesis of an extracellular cell chain of the spheroidal radiolarian host Haliommilla capillaceum (Haeckel), Polycystina, Protista.[Marine Micropaleontology,72,(2009),157-164]Suzuki, N., Kurihara, T. and Matsuoka, A.
75.[O] 本邦,屋久島近海から奄美諸島にかけての現生放散虫.[豊潮丸 No 2009 –03航海報告書,(2009)]鈴木紀毅・相田吉昭・加藤摩利子
76.[O] ペルム紀末大量絶滅事変:北部北上帯で確認されたペルム紀/三畳紀境界層の意義.[岩手の地学,(39),(2009),3-11]高橋 聡・山北 聡・鈴木紀毅・海保邦夫・永広昌之
77.[O] ヘッケル放散虫コレクションの調査と再検討.[化石,(85),(2009),1-2]相田吉昭・鈴木紀毅・大金 薫・酒井豊三郎
78.[O] 現世および中生代放散虫の両極分布.[化石,(85),(2009),27-44]相田吉昭・鈴木紀毅・大金 薫・酒井豊三郎
79.[O] 北太平洋中緯度における640万年間の放散虫群集変動(ODP Leg 198, Site 1210, シャツキーライズ).[大阪微化石研究会誌,特別号,(14),(2009),131-181]曽野明洋・鈴木紀毅・吉村悦子・鹿納晴尚・武田浩太郎
80.[O] Three-dimensional simulation of skeletal structure and artificial twisted appearance of Larnacillidae (Polycystina, Radiolaria).[News of Osaka Micropaleontologists, Special Volume,(14),(2009),5-10]Ogane, K. and Suzuki, N.
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