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1.公共の遺伝子発現データの二次利用.[Surgery Frontier,19(2), (2012), 89-95]Obayashi T, Kinoshita K
2.共発現情報から見る遺伝子機能ネットワーク.[KASEAA,49(1), (2011), 48-56]Obayashi T, Kinoshita K
3.Coexpression landscape in ATTED-II: usage of gene list and gene network for various types of pathways..[J Plant Res,123(3), (2010), 311-319]Obayashi, Takeshi Kinoshita, Kengo
4.Co-expression tools for plant biology: opportunities for hypothesis generation and caveats..[Plant Cell Environ,32(12), (2009), 1633-1651]Usadel, Bjorn Obayashi, Takeshi Mutwil, Marek Giorgi, Federico M Bassel, George W Tanimoto, Mimi Chow, Amanda Steinhauser, Dirk Persson, Staffan Provart, Nicholas J
5.共発現データベースCOXPRESの構築と利用法.[Transportsome,4, (2007), 16-20]Obayashi T, Kinoshita K
6.発現情報から遺伝子機能を推定する.[Plant Organelles,4, (2006), 10-16]Yamazaki M, Obayashi T
7.33Pを用いた遺伝子発現の網羅的解析.[Isotope News,589, (2003), 16-18]Obayashi T, Sekimoto Y, Ohta H
8.DNAアレイ(DNAチップ)法を用いた遺伝子発現解析.[Kagaku Souchi, (2003), 32-35]Sekimoto Y, Obayashi T, Ohta H
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