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41.Bathymetry, biota, and sediments on Hirota reef, Tane-ga-shima; On the northernmost coral reef in the Ryukyu Islands..[Island Arc,15(4),(2006),407-419]Ikeda, E., Iryu, Y., Sugihara, K., Ohba, H., Yamada, T.
42.Climatic and oceanographic records from modern coral skeletons for the last several centuries: Reconstruction of interannual, decadal-multidecadal and centennial variability.[Chikyukagaku (Geochemistry),40(3),(2006),179-194]Asami, R., Yamada, T., Iryu, Y.
43.Pliocene to Quaternary carbonate sequence on Okinawa-jima..[Proceedings of the 10th International Coral Reef Symposium (Okinawa),(2006),2022-2036]Iryu, Y., Yamada, T., Matsuda, S., Odawara, K.
44.Pleistocene reef development and stratigraphy on Ie-jima, the Ryukyu Islands, southwestern Japan..[Proceedings of the 10th International Coral Reef Symposium (Okinawa),(2006),536-546]Takeuchi, Y., Iryu, Y., Sato, T., Chiyonobu, S., Yamada, T., Odawara, K., Abe, E.
45.Origin of atoll dolomites distinguished by geochemistry and crystal chemistry: Kita-daito-jima, northern Philippine Sea..[Sedimentary Geology,183,(2006),181-202]Suzuki, Y., Iryu, Y., Inagaki, S., Yamada, T., Aizawa, S., Budd, D.A.
46.Tahiti Sea Level: the last deglacial sea level rise in the South Pacific: offshore drilling in Tahiti (French Polynesia).[IODP Preliminary Report, 310,(2006)]Expedition 310 Scientists (Camoin, G. F., Iryu, Y., McInroy, D. B., Asami, R., Braaksma, H., Cabioch, G., Castillo, P., Cohen, A. L., Cole, J. E., Deschamps, P., Fairbanks, R. G., Felis, T., Fujita, K., Hathorne, Ed C., Lund, S. P., Machiyama, H., Matsuda, H., Quinn, T. M., Sugihara, K., Thomas, A., Vasconcelos, C. de O., Verwer, K., Webster, J. M., Westphal, H., Woo, K. S., Yamada, T., Yokoyama, Y.)
47.Pliocene to Quaternary carbonate sequence on Okinawa-jima.[Proceedings of the 10th International Coral Reef Symposium (Okinawa),(2006),2022-2036]Iryu, Y., Yamada, T., Odawara, K.
48.A Preliminary Study on Holocene Warm-temperate Limestone as a Paleo-Tide Guage Recording Coseismic Movement along a Subduction Zone.[Geographical Sciences,60(3),(2005),136-142]Hideaki Maemoku, Yasunobu Maeda, Yasufumi Iryu and Tsutomu Yamada
49.Interannual and decadal variability of the western Pacific sea surface condition for the years 1787-2000: Reconstruction based on stable isotope record from a Guam coral..[Journal of Geophysical Research,110(C05018),(2005),1029-1043]Asami, R., Yamada, T., Iryu, Y., Quinn, T.M., Meyer, C.P., Paulay, G.
50.A Preliminary Study on Holocene Warm-temperate Limestone as a Paleo-tide Guage Recording Coseismic Movement along a Subduction Zone.[Geographical Science,60(3),(2005),136-142]Hideaki Maemoku, Yasunobu Maeda, Yasufumi Iryu, Tsutomu Yamada
51.Stratigraphy of the Ryukyu Group in Maeda-misaki area, Okinawa-jima, Ryukyu Islands, Japan..[Journal of the Japanese Coral Reef Society,(7),(2005),23-36]Muraoka, A., Iryu, Y., Odawara, K., Yamada, T., Tokiyuki, S.
52.Pliocene to Quaternary Carbonate Sequence in Okinawa-jima.[Excursion Guide #3 IODP SSEPs Meeting in Okinawa,(2004),1-16]Iryu, Y., Yamada, T. and Yamamoto, K.
53.Carbon and oxygen isotopic composition of a Guam coral and their relationships to environmental variables in the western Pacific..[Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology,212(1-2),(2004),1-22]Ryuji Asami, Tsutomu Yamada, Yasufumi Iryu, Christopher P. Meyer, Terrence M. Quinn, Gustav Paulay
54.A review of paleenvironmental reconstructions based on Mg/Ca and Sr/Ca thermometry in coral skeletons..[The Quaternary Research,43(3),(2004),231-245]Ryuji Asami, Tsutomu Yamada, Yasufumi Iryu
55.The Ryukyu Group (Pleistocene coral reef complex deposits) on Toku-no-shima, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan..[The Journal of the Geological Society of Japan,109,(2003),495-517]Tsutomu Yamada, Keita Fujita, Yasufumi Iryu
56.Leg 194: Marion Plateau.[Chikyu Monthly,(40),(2003),133-139]Tsutomu Yamada, Keiichi Sasaki
57.Carbon and oxygen isotopes of cool-water bryozoans from the Great Australian Bight, and their paleoenvironmental significance..[Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results,182,(2003),1-29]Machiyama, H., Yamada, T., Kaneko, N., Iryu, Y., Odawara, K., Asami, R., Matsuda, H., Mawatari, S.F., Bone Y., and James, N.P.
58.Leg 194: Marion Plateau.[ODP ニュースレター,19,(2002),12-13]Tsutomu Yamada, Keiichi Sasaki
59.Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Initial Reports, 194: Constraining Miocene sea leevel change from carbonate platform evolution, Marion Plateau, northeast Australia..[Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Initial Report, 194.,194,(2002),1-88]Isern, A.R., Anselmetti, F.S., Blum, P. and ODP Leg194 Shipboard Scientific Party
60.Ocean drilling constrains carbonate platform formation and Miocene sea level on the Australian margin..[EOS,82,(2001),469, 476-]Isern, A.R., Anselmetti, F.S., Blum, P. and ODP Leg194 Shipboard Scientific Party (Andresen, N., Birke, T.K., Burns, S.J., Conesa, G.A.R., Delius, H., Dugan, B., Eberli, G.P., Ehrenberg, S., Fuller, M.D., Bracco Gartner, G.L., Muller, P.H., Hine, A.C., Howell, M.W., John, C.M., Karner, G.D., Kindler, P.F., Olson, B.E., Sasaki, K., Stewart, D., Wei, W., White, T.S., Wood, J.L., Yamada, T.)
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