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21.[O] Differences in oxygen and carbon stable isotope ratios between hatchery and wild pink salmon fry.[Fisheries Science,80,(2014),273-280]Yasuo Tomida, Toshiya Suzuki , Tsutomu Yamada, Ryuji Asami, Hirofumi Yaegashi, Yasufumi Iryu, Tsuguo Otake
22.[O] Changes in stalagmite growth rates and their controlling factors..[Journal of the Speleological Society of Japan,38,(2013),1-10]Hirokazu Kato, Tsutomu Yamada
23.[O] Disaster situations of caves at Shinmei-saki, Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture attacked by the Great East Japan Earthquake and the resulting tsunami..[Journal of the Speleological Society of Japan,38,(2013),37-51]Tsutomu Yamada, Hirokazu Kato
24.[O] Decadal-scale environmental changes recorded in carbon and oxygen isotopic composition of a stalagmite from Okinoerabu-jima, Kagoshima Prefecture.[Chikyu Monthly,410,(2013),637-642]Tsutomu Yamada, Shino Mabuchi, Hiroki Matsuda, Kousuke Kurisaki, Kazuhisa Yoshimura
25.[O] The vegetational changes in Uchimagi district, Iwte Prefecture revealed by soil investigation and speleothem carbon isotopic record.[Chikyu Monthly,409,(2013),608-615]Hirokazu Kato, Tsutomu Yamada, Kotone Hayashibara, Toru Okamoto
26.[O] Changes in annual layer thickness in a stalagmite from Uchimagi-do Cave and their controlling factor.[Chikyu Monthly,409,(2013),603-607]Hirokazu Kato, Tsutomu Yamada, Kousuke Kurisaki, Kazuhisa Yoshimura
27.[O] Sulfide ore smelting at the Naganobori Copper-Mine site recorded on stalagmites from the Oogiri No. 4 Mine on Akiyoshi-dai Plateau, Yamaguchi, Japan.[Chikyu Monthly,409,(2013),594-602]Kazuhisa Yshimura, Yoshifumi Ikeda, Kousuke Kurisaki, Toru Okamoto, Masayuki Fujikawa, Hiroki Matsuda, Tsutomu Yamada
28.[O] Speleothems as repositories for travel reports of water..[Journal of the Speleological Society of Japan,37,(2013),21-32]Tsutomu Yamada,Hirokazu Kato, Masahiro Tomitsuka, Shino Mabuchi, Hiroki Matsuda
29.[O] Cave weather in Uchimagi-do (cave), Iwate Prefecture.[Journal of the Speleological Society of Japan,37,(2013),33-40]Hirokazu Kato, Tsutomu Yamada,Masahiro Tomitsuka, Hiroki Matsuda,Toshio Kikuchi
30.[O] Identification and possible recurrence of an oversized tsunami on the Pacific coast of northern Japan.[Natural Hazards,68(2),(2013),631-643]Koji Minoura, Shin-ichi Hirano, Tsutomu Yamada
31.[O] paleoceanography reconstructed from shallow-water carbonates during glacial periods in the northern part of the Ryukyus..[月刊 地球,34(6),(2012),363-372]松田博貴・町山栄章・荒井晃作・井上卓彦・佐々木圭一・吉津 憲・三納正美・井龍康文・杉原 薫・藤田和彦・山田 努・中森 亨
32.[O] Speleothems with distinct layers of carbonaized plant remains discovered in Inari-ana (cave), Tono City, Iwate Prefecture..[Journal of the Speleological Society of Japan,36,(2011),11-24]Tsutomu Yamada, Toshio Kikuchi, Hirokazu Kato, Masahiro Tomitsuka, Kotone Hayashibara, and Hirohisa Kizaki
33.[O] Artificial speleothem precipitated under laboratory condition..[Journal of the Speleological Society of Japan,35,(2010),46-53]Tsutomu Yamada,Hirokazu Kato
34.[O] Carbonate diagenesis of the Late Pleistocene limestone of the Faaa M0020A core: IODP Expedition 310, Tahiti Sea Level Change..[Geosciences Journal,14,(2010),225-234]Kyeong Hwan Yoon , Kyung Sik Woo , Young Ju Lee , Tsutomu Yamada , Ryuji Asami and Yasufumi Iryu
35.[O] The tropical giant clam Hippopus hippopus shell, a new archive of environmental conditions as revealed by sclerochronological and d18O profiles.[Coral Reefs,(2009)]Aubert, A., Lazareth, C. E., Cabioch, G., Boucher, H., Yamada, T., Iryu, Y., and Farman, R.
36.[O] Limestones as a paleobathymeter available for reconstructing past seismic activities: Muroto-misaki, Shikoku, Southwestern Japan.[Global and Planetary Change,66(1-2),(2009),52-64]Iryu, Y., Maemoku, H., Yamada, T., and Maeda, Y.
37.[O] Rapid subsidence of the Kikai Seamount inferred from drowned Pleistocene coral limestone: Implication for subduction of the Amami Plateau, northern Philippine Sea.[Marine Geology,247,(2008),35-45]Nakazawa, T., Nishimura, A., Iryu, Y., Yamada, T., Shibasaki, H., and Shiokawa, S.
38.[O] Carbonate deposits on submerged seamounts in the northwestern Pacific Ocean.[Island Arc,16,(2007),394-419]Takayanagi, H., Iryu, Y., Yamada, T., Oda, M., Yamamoto, K., Sato, T., Chiyonobu, S., Nishimura, A., Nakazawa, T. and Shiokawa, S.
39.[O] IODP Expedition 310: Reconstructs sea level, climatic, and environmental changes in the South Pacific during the last deglaciation.[Scientific Drilling,5,(2007),4-12]Camoin, G. F., Iryu, Y., McInroy, D. V. and the IODP Expedition 310 Scientists
40.[O] Paleoenvironmental analyses based on carbon and oxygen isotopic compositions of brachiopod shells: a review.[Fossils,81,(2007),67-78]Yamamoto, K., Iryu, Y., Yamada, T.
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