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1.Evaporite borate-containing mineral ensembles make phosphate available and regiospecifically phosphorylate ribonucleosides. Borate as a problem solver in prebiotic chemistry..[Angewandte Chemie International Edition,55,(2016),15816-15820]Kim, H. J., Furukawa,Y., Kakegawa. T., Bita, A., Scorei,R., Benner,S.,A.
2.太古の岩石が語る地球最古の微生物活動ー38〜37億年前の海で生息していたことが明らかに.[生物の科学 遺伝,71,(2016),133-138]掛川武
4.Formation of amino acids and nucleobases by meteorite impacts on the early Earth..[Chikyukagaku,50,(2016),1-9]Furukawa.Y.
5.Survivability and reactivity of glycine and alanine in early oceans: effects of meteorite impacts..[Journal of Biological Physics,42,(2016),177-198]Umeda,Y., Fukunaga, N., Sekine,T., Furukawa,Y., Kakegawa, T., Kobayashi, T., Nakazawa, H.
10.1007/s10867 015 9400 5
6.Effects of silicate, phosphate, and calcium on the stability of aldopentoses..[Origins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres,46,(2016),189-202]Nitta, S., Furukawa, Y., Kakegawa, T.
7.Occurrence of tourmaline in metasedimentary rocks of the Isua Supracrustal Belt, Greenland: implications for ribose stability in hadean marine sediments..[Origin of Life and Evolution of Biosphere,46,(2016),247-271]Mishima, S., Ohtomo Y., Kakegawa,T.
8.Morphological changes of olivine grains reacted with amino acid solutions by impact process.[Physics and Chemistry of Minerals (2017),44,(2016),203-212]Umeda,Y., Takase, A., Fukunaga, N., Sekine, T., Kobayashi, T., Furukawa, Y., Kakegawa, T.
9.Survivability and reactivity of glycine and alanine in early oceans: effects of meteorite impacts.[J. Biol. Phys.,42(1),(2016),177-198]Umeda, Yuhei Fukunaga, Nao Sekine, Toshimori Furukawa, Yoshihiro Kakegawa, Takeshi Kobayashi, Takamichi Nakazawa, Hiromoto
10.Nucleobase and amino acid formation through impacts of meteorites on the early ocean.[Earth Planet. Sci. Lett.,429,(2015),216-222]Furukawa, Yoshihiro Nakazawa, Hiromoto Sekine, Toshimori Kobayashi, Takamichi Kakegawa, Takeshi
11.Shock wave synthesis of amino acids from solutions of ammonium formate and ammonium bicarbonate.[Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst.,16(7),(2015),2382-2394]Suzuki, Chizuka Furukawa, Yoshihiro Kobayashi, Takamichi Sekine, Toshimori Nakazawa, Hiromoto Kakegawa, Takeshi
13.Evidence for biogenic graphite in early Archaean Isua metasedimentary rocks.[Nature Geoscience,7,(2014),25-28]Ohtomo Y., Kakegawa T., Ishida A., Nagase T., Rosing M.T.
14.グリーンランドで発見された最古の生物活動の痕跡.[Isotope News,(2014)]掛川武
16.Biological nitrate utilization in south Siberian lakes (Baikal and Hovsgol) during the last glacial period: the influence of climate change on primary productivity.[Quaternary Sci. Rev.,90,(2014),69-79]Nara Watanabe F., Watanabe T., Kakegawa T., 他6名
17.Experimental investigation of reduced volatile formation by high-temperature interactions among meteorite constituent materials, water, and nitrogen.[ICARUS,(2014)]Furukawa Y., Samejima T., Nakazawa H., Kakegawa T.
18.Abiotic Formation of Valine Peptides Under Conditions of High Temperature and High Pressure.[ORIGINS OF LIFE AND EVOLUTION OF BIOSPHERES,42,(2012),519-531]Y. Furukawa, T. Ishiguro, T. Kakegawa and H. Nakazawa
19.Last glacial to post glacial climate changes in continental Asia inferred from multi-proxy records (geochemistry, clay mineralogy, and paleontology) from Lake Hovsgol, northwest Mongolia.[Global and Planetary Change,88,(2012),53-63]Watanabe Takahiro, Minoura, Koji, Nara, Fumiko Watanabe, and T. Kakegawa
20.Stepwise combustion analyses of distinct nitrogen isotopic compositions on Paleoproterozoic organic matter.[Geochemical J,46,(2012),249-253]Ishida A., Hashizume K., T. Kakegawa
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