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41.[O] Biomolecule formation by oceanic impacts on early Earth.[Nature geoscience,2,(2009),62-66]Furukawa Y., Sekine T., Oba M., Kakegawa T. and Nakazawa H.
42.[B] 河口汽水域を利用する魚類の食物源.[恒星社厚生閣,(2008)]伊藤絹子、掛川武
43.[O] Source of food for fish around river mouth.[安定同位体スコープで覗く海洋生物の生体,159,(2008),70-84]伊藤絹子、掛川武
44.[O] Stable isotope characterization of fluids from the Lake Chany complex, western Siberia, Russian Federation.[Applied Geochemistry,24,(2008),319-327]Mizota, C., Doi, H., Kikuchi E., Shikano S., Kakegawa T., Yurlova N. and Yurlov A.K.
45.[R] 第四回日独先端科学シンポジウム:新しい伝統の予感.[日本学術振興会 学術月報,61(1), (2008), 59-61]掛川武
46.[O] Stable isotopic characterization of carbon, nitrogen and sulfur uptake of Acharax japonica from central Japan..[Plankton Benthos Res.,3,(2008),36-41]Yamanaka T., Mizota C. Matsuyama-Serisawa K., Kakegawa T.
47.[O] Geochemistry of Sulfide Chimneys and Basement Pillow Lavas at the Southern Mariana Trough.[Resource Geology,58,(2008),249-266]Kakegawa T., Utsumi M, . Marumo K.
48.[O] Timing and magnitude of early Aptian extreme warming: Unraveling primary d18O variation in indurated pelagic carbonates at Deep Sea Drilling Project Site 463, Central Pacific Ocean.[Paleogeo..Paleoclim. Paleoecol,260,(2008),463-476]Ando A., Kaiho K., Kawahata H., Kakegawa T.
49.[O] Pressure effects on the abiotic polymerization of glycine..[Origin of Life and Evolution of Biosphere,(37),(2007),215-223]Ohara S., Kakegawa T. and Nakazawa H
50.[O] Formation of ultrafine particles from impact-generated supercritical water.[Earth Planetary Science Letter,258,(2007),543-549]Furukawa Y., Nakazawa H., Sekine T. and Kakegawa T.
51.[O] Carbon isotope records of terrestrial organic matter and occurrence of plantonic foraminifera from the Albian stage of Hokkaido, Japan: Ocean-atmosphere d13C trends and chronostratigraphic implications.[Palaios,22,(2007),417-432]Ando A. and Kakegawa T.
52.[O] Paleoredox, biotic and sulfur-isotopic chages associated with the end-Permian mass extinction in the western Tethys.[Chemical Geology,244,(2007),483-492]Gorjan P., Kaiho K., Kakegawa T., Niitsuma S., Chen Z.Q., Kajiwara Y. and Nicora A.
53.[O] Early Earth Environments and Remnants of Microbial Life.[Genetics,(20),(2006),180-183]Takeshi Kakegawa
54.[O] Chemical and biological evolution of early Earth: Constraints from banded iron-formations.[Geological Society of America Special Paper,198,(2006),291-331]Ohmoto H., Watanabe Y., Yamaguchi K., Naraoka, H., Haruna M., Kakegawa T., Hayshi K., and Kato Y
55.[O] Links of organic carbon cycling and burial to depositional depth gradients and establishment of a snowball Earth at 2.3 Ga. Evidence from the Timeball Hill Formation, Transvaal Supergroup, South Africa.[South African J. of Geology,(109),(2006),109-122]Coetzee L.L., Beukes N.J., Gutzmer J. and Kakegawa T.
56.[O] Sulfur and carbon isotope analyses of 2.7 Ga stromatolites, cherts and sandstones in the Jeerinah Formation, Western Australia.[Precambrian Research,148,(2006),115-124]Kakegawa T. and Nanri H
57.[O] Sr/Ca ratios as indicators of varying modes of pelagic carbonate diagenesis in the ooze, chalk and limestone realms.[Sedimentary Geology,191,(2006),37-53]Ando A., Kawahata H. and Kakegawa T
58.[O] 水曜海山海底熱水域の地下地質構造と硫化物硫黄同位体組成との関係.[海の科学,14,(2005),221-235]掛川武・野田雅一・丸茂克美
59.[O] Analyses of the archaeal sub-sefloor community at Suiyo Seamount on the Izu-Bonin Arc.[Advances in Space Research,35,(2005),1634-1642]Hara K., Kakegawa T., Yamashiro K., Maruyama A., Ishibashi J.I., Marumo K., Urabe T., Yamagishi A.
60.[O] 34億年前の海洋環境で活動した光合成細菌の痕跡・酸素発生型か非酸素発生型か?.[蛋白質核酸酵素,50,(2005),64-65]掛川武
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