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1.[O] An algorithm for classifying unknown expendable bathythermograph (XBT) instruments based on existing meta data.[J. Atmos. Oceanic Technol.,35(3),(2018),429-440]Palmer, M., T. Boyer, R. Cowley, S. Kizu, F. Reseghetti, T. Suzuki, and A. Thresher
2.[O] Heat transport variation due to change of North Pacific subtropical gyre interior flow during 1993–2012.[Ocean Dynamics,(2016)]Nagano, A., S. Kizu, K. Hanawa, D. Roemmich
3.[B] 海洋観測ガイドライン.[日本海洋学会,(2015)]木津昭一
4.[O] XBT Science: assessment of instrumental biases and errors.[Bulletin of American Meteorological Society,(2015)]Lijing Cheng1,John Abraham, Gustavo Goni, Timothy Boyer, Susan Wijffels, Rebecca Cowley, Viktor Gouretski, Franco Reseghetti, Shoichi Kizu, Shenfu Dong, Francis Bringas, Marlos Goes, Loïc Houpert, Janet Sprintall, and Jiang Zhu
5.[O] XBTの測定精度に関する最近の話題.[第63回東北海区海洋調査技術連絡会報,(2014),36-42]木津昭一
6.[O] A review of global ocean temperature observations: Implications for ocean heat content estimates and climate change.[Rev. Geophys.,51(3),(2013),450-483]Abraham, J.P., M. Baringer, N.L. Bindoff, T. Boyer, L.J. Cheng, J.A. Church, J.L. Conroy, C.M. Domingues, J.T. Fasullo, J. Gilson, G. Goni, S.A. Good, J.M. Gorman, V. Gouretski, M. Ishii, G.C. Johnson, S. Kizu, J. M. Lyman, A.M. Macdonald, W.J. Minkowycz, S.E. Moffitt, M.D. Palmer, A.R. Piola, F. Reseghetti, K. von Schuckmann, E. Trenberth, I. Velicogna, J.K. Willis
7.[O] World War II (1939-1945) Oceanographic Observations.[Data Science Journal,12,(2013),102-157]Levitus, S., G. Matishov, I. Smolyar, O. Baranova, M. Zweng, T. Tielking, N. Mikhailov, S. Kizu, F. Nast, G. Reed, R. Keeley, L. Rickards, and A. Korablev
8.[O] Biases in expendable bathyThermograph data: a new view based on historical side-by-side comparisons.[J. Atmos. Ocean. Tech.,30(6),(2013),1195-2125]Cowley, R., S. Wijffels, L. Cheng, T. Boyer, and S. Kizu
9.[O] Variation of the southward interior flow of the North Pacific subtropical gyre revealed by repeat hydrographic survey.[J. Oceanogr.,(2012)]Nagano, A., H. Ichikawa, Y. Yoshikawa, S. Kizu, and K. Hanawa
10.[O] Comparison of the fall rate and structure of recent T-7 XBT manufactured by Sippican and TSK.[Ocean Science,7,(2011),231-244]Shoichi Kizu, Chiho Sukigara, Kimio Hanawa
11.[O] Influence of the Madden Julian Oscillation on Indonesian Rainfall Variation during austral summer.[International Journal of Climatology,(2009)]Rahmat Hidayat, Shoichi Kizu
12.[O] Evaluation of the fall rates of the present and developmental XCTDs.[Deep-Sea Research,55(4),(2008),571-586]Shoichi Kizu, Hiroji Onishi, Toshio Suga, Kimio Hanawa, Tomowo Watanabe and Hiroshi Iwamiya
13.[O] Estimation of heat and freshwater transports in the North Pacific using high resolution XBT data.[Journal of Geophysical Research,113,(2008)]Hiroki Uehara, Shoichi Kizu, Kimio Hanawa, Yasushi Yoshikawa, and Dean Roemmich
14.[O] Zonally Asymmetric Response of the Japan Sea to Synoptic Pressure Forcing.[Journal of Oceanography,62,(2006),909-916]Daisuke Inazu, Naoki Hirose, Shoichi Kizu, Kimio Hanawa
15.[O] Inter-manufacturer difference and temperature dependency of the fall-rate of T-5 expendable bathythermograph.[Journal of Oceanography,61(5),(2005),905-912]Shoichi Kizu, Shinichi Ito, Tomowo Watanabe
16.[O] A new fall-rate equation for T-5 expendable bathythermograph (XBT) by TSK.[Journal of Oceanography,61(1),(2005),115-121]Shoichi Kizu, Hiroyuki Yoritaka, Kimio Hanawa
17.[O] 気圧変動に対する日本沿岸水位の応答.[海の研究,14(1),(2005),57-69]稲津大祐, 木津昭一, 花輪公雄
18.[O] An estimation of degradation of VISSR visible sensors aboard GMS-3, GMS-4, and GMS-5.[International Journal of Remote Sensing,23,(2002),2393-2404]Shoichi Kizu
19.[O] Start-up transient of XBT measurement by three types of Japanese recorder system.[Deep-Sea Research,49(5),(2002),935-940]Shoichi Kizu, Kimio Hanawa
20.[O] Probability distribution funciton of surface wave slope derived using sun glitter images from Geostationary Meteolorogical Satellite and surface vector winds from scatterometers.[Journal of Oceanography,58(3),(2002),477-486]Naoto Ebuchi, Shoichi Kizu
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