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1.Were Property Booths Used in the First Performance of Jonson's Bartholomew Fair?.[Theatre Notebook: A Journal of the History and Technique of the British Theatre,71,(2017),72-93]Mariko Ichikawa
2.Stage Directions and the Stage Space.[The Cambridge Guide to the Worlds of Shakespeare, 2 vols (Cambridge University Press),I,(2016),128-134]Mariko Ichikawa
3.“What story is that painted vpon the cloth?”: Some Descriptions of Hangings and their Use on the Early Modern Stage.[Theatre Notebook: A Journal of the History and Technique of the British Theatre,70,(2016),2-31]Mariko Ichikawa
4.“The stage is hung with blacke”: On the Use of Black Curtains for Tragedies in the Early Modern Period.[Theatre Notebook: A Journal of the History and Technique of the British Theatre,68,(2014),153-188]Mariko Ichikawa
5.Continuities and Innovations in Staging.[Moving Shakespeare Indoors (Cambridge University Press),(2014),79-94]Mariko Ichikawa
6.Shylock and the Use of Stage Doors.[Theatre Notebook: A Journal of the History and Technique of the British Theatre,67,(2013),126-140]Mariko Ichikawa
7.Shakespearean Speeches.[Shakespeare and Theatre Culture (Tokyo: Kenkyusha),(2012)]Mariko Ichikawa
8.A Special Meaning of "Within"?.[Shakespeare Closely Read (Fairleigh Dickinson University Press),(2011),9-17]Mariko Ichikawa
9."Enter Brutus in his Orchard" Garden Scenes in Early Modern English Plays.[Shakespearean International Yearbook (Ashgate),9,(2009),214-247]Mariko Ichikawa
10.The Staging of "The Comedy of Errors", Act 3, Scene 1.[Journal of the Graduate School of International Cultural Studies (Tohoku University),(8),(2007),81-97]Mariko Ichikawa
11.Were the Doors Open or Closed?: The Use of Stage Doors in the Shakespearean Theatre.[Theatre Notebook: A Journal of the History and Technique of the British Theatre,60(1),(2006),5-29]Mariko Ichikawa
12."Music Within" and "Music Above".[Shakespearean International Yearbook (Ashgate),5,(2005),314-335]Mariko Ichikawa
13."Maluolio within": Acting on the Threshold between Onstage and Offstage Spaces.[Medieval and Renaissance Drama in England (University of Delaware Press),18,(2005),123-145]Mariko Ichikawa
14.What to do with a Corpse?: Physical Reality and the Fictional World.[Theatre Research International (Cambridge University Press),29(3),(2004),201-215]Mariko Ichikawa
15.Standing Aloof on the Shakespearean Stage.[Shakespearean International Yearbook (Ashgate),3,(2003),209-227]Mariko Ichikawa
16.Entry and Exit Stage Directions in Elizabethan Play-texts.[Language and Culture (Tohoku University),16,(2001),25-42]Mariko Ichikawa
17.Entrances and Exits on the Shakespearean Stage: Shakespearean Use of Stage Space.[Studies in English Literature (English Literary Society of Japan),77,(2000),1-13]Mariko Ichikawa
18.Overlapping Exits and Entrances in Shakespeare's Plays.[Hot Questrists after English Renaissance (AMS),(1999),145-165]Mariko Ichikawa
19.Time Allowed for Exits in Shakespeare's Plays.[Japanese Studies in Shakespeare and His Contemporaries (University of Delaware Press),(1998),25-45]Mariko Ichikawa
20.Entrances and Exits in Shakespeare's Plays : Overlapping Exits and Entrances.[Studies in English Literature (English Literary Society of Japan),71,(1994),1-18]Mariko Ichikawa
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