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1.Lipoteichoic acid is involved in the ability of the immunobiotic strain Lactobacillus plantarum CRL1506 to modulate the intestinal antiviral innate immunity triggered by TLR3 activation.[Frontiers in Immunology,(2020)]Mizuno, H., Arce, L. P., Tomotsune, K., Albarracin, L., Funabashi, R., Vera, D., Islam, Md. A., Vizoso Pinto, M. G., Takahashi, H., Sasaki, Y., Kitazawa, H. and Villena J.
2.Disturbance of floral color pattern by activation of an endogenous pararetrovirus, petunia vein clearing virus in aged petunia plants.[Plant Journal,(2020)]Kuriyama, K., Tabara, M., Moriyama, H., Kanazawa, A., Koiwa, H., Takahashi, H. and Fukuhara, T.
3.Efficient selection of new immunobiotic strains with antiviral effects in local and distal mucosal sites by using porcine intestinal epitheliocytes.[Frontiers in Immunology,(2020)]Albarracin, L., García-Castillo, V., Masumizu, Y., Indo, Y., Islam, Md. A., Suda, Y., Garcia, A., Aso, H., Takahashi, T., Kitazawa, H. and Villena, J.
4.Single amino acid substitutions in the cucumber mosaic virus 1a protein induce necrotic cell death in virus-inoculated leaves without affecting virus multiplication.[Viruses,12,(2020),91-]Tian, A., Miyashita, S., Ando, S. and Takahashi, H.
5.Immunomodulatory properties of bacterium-like particles obtained from immunobiotic lactobacilli: prospects for their use as mucosal adjuvants.[Fronters in Immunology,10,(2020),15-20200100]Raya Tonetti F, Arce L, Salva S, Alvarez S, Takahashi H, Kitazawa H, Vizoso-Pinto MG and Villena J
6.Effect on tomato plants of asymptomatic infection with southern tomato virus.[Archives of Virology,165,(2020),11-20]Fukuhara, T., Tabara, M., Koiwa, H. and Takahashi, H.
7.Nasal priming with immunobiotic lactobacilli improves the adaptive immune response against influenza virus.[International Immunopharmacology,78,(2020),106115-]Raya, F., Islam, M.A., Vizoso-Pinto, M.G., Takahashi, H., Kitazawa, H., and Villena, J.
8.Transcriptome Modifications in the Porcine Intramuscular Adipocytes during Differentiation and Exogenous Stimulation with TNF-a and Serotonin.[International Journal of Molecular Sciences,21,(2020),638-]Tada, A., Islam, Md. A., Kober, AKM H., Fukuyama, K., Takagi, M., Igata, M., Albarracin, L., Ikeda-Ohtsubo, W., Miyazawa, K., Yoda, K., He, F., Takahashi, H., Villena, J., Aso H. and Kitazawa, H.
9.The Exopolysaccharide of Lactobacillus fermentum UCO-979C Is Partially Involved in Its Immunomodulatory Effect and Its Ability to Improve the Resistance against Helicobacter pylori Infection.[Microorganisms,8,(2020),479-]Garcia-Castillo, V., Marcial, G., Albarracín, L., Tomokiyo, M., Clua, P., Takahashi, H., Kitazawa, H., Garcia-Cancino, A. and Villena, J
10.Evaluation of the immunomodulatory activities of the probiotic strain Lactobacillus fermentum UCO-979C.[Frontiers in Immunology,10,(2019),1376-]García-Castillo, V., Komatsu, R., Clua, P., Indo, Y., Takagi, M., Salva, S., Islam, M.A., Alvarez, S., Takahashi, H., Garcia-Cancino, A., Kitazawa, H. and Villena, J.
11.Exogenous application of L-histidine suppresses bacterial diseases and enhances ethylene production in rice seedlings.[Plant Pathology,68,(2019),1072-1078]Yariyama, S., Ando, S., Seo, S., Nakaho, K., Miyashita, S., Kanayama, Y. and Takahashi, H.
12.Transcriptome modifications in porcine adipocytes via Toll-like receptors activation.[Frontiers in Immunology,10,(2019),1180-]Igata, M., Islam, M.A., Tada, A., Takagi, M., Kober, H., Albarracin, L., Aso, H., Ikeda-Ohtsubo, W., Miyazawa, K., Yoda, K., He, F., Takahashi, H., Villena, J. and Kitazawa, H.
13.Deciphering the influence of paraimmunobiotic bifidobacteria on the innate antiviral immune response of bovine intestinal epitheliocytes by transcriptomic analysis..[Beneficial Microbes,10,(2019),199-209]L. Albarracin, R. Komatsu, V. Garcia-Castillo, H. Aso, J-Z. Xiao, F. Abe, H. Takahashi, J. Villena, H. Kitazawa*
14.Immunobiotics for the bovine host: Their interaction with intestinal epithelial cells and their effect on antiviral immunity.[Frontiers in Immunology,9,(2018)]Julio Villena, Julio Villena, Julio Villena, Hisashi Aso, Hisashi Aso, Victor P.M.G. Rutten, Hideki Takahashi, Hideki Takahashi, Willem van Eden, Haruki Kitazawa, Haruki Kitazawa*
15.Comparative analysis of microbial diversity and bacterial seedling disease-suppressive activity in organic-farmed and standardized commercial conventional soils for rice nursery cultivation..[Journal of Phytopathology,(2018)]Hideki Takahashi*, Yuko Matsushita, Toyoaki Ito, Yutaka Nakai, Masami Nanzyo, Takashi Kobayashi, Shinji Iwaishi, Tomoyoshi Hashimoto, Shuhei Miyashita, Toshiyuki Morikawa, Shigenobu Yoshida, Seiya Tsushima and Sugihiro Ando
16.Survey of the response of 82 domestic landraces of Zea mays to cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) reveals geographical region-related resistance to CMV in Japan.[Plant Pathology,(2018)]Hideki Takahashi*, Ainan Tian, Shuhei Miyashita, Yoshinori Kanayama, Sugihiro Ando, and Richard Kormelink
17.First identification and characterization of cucumber mosaic virus from Corchorus olitorius in Japan..[Journal of Plant Pathology,(2018)]Hanbal SE, Miyashita S, Ando S, Sidaros SA and Takahashi H*
18.Atomospheric-pressure plasma irradiation can disrupt tobacco mosaic virus particles and RNAs to inactivate their infectivity..[Archives of Virology,(2018)]Hanbal SE, Takashima K, Miyashita S, Ando S, Ito K, Elsharkawy MM, Toshiro T and Takahashi H*
19.Analysis of the disease-suppressing effects of microorganisms included in nursery soils for organic farming of rice..[Journal of Integrated Field Science,15,(2018),51-54]Ando, S. and Takahashi, H.
20.Receptors and signaling pathways for recognition of bacteria in livestock and crops..[Frontiers in Immunology,9,(2018),2223-]Villena, J., Kitazawa, H., Van Wees, S.C.M., Pieterse, C.M.J. and Takahashi, H.*
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