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1.会議報告 ITSC2014参加報告.[溶射,51(3), (2014), 110-112]市川 裕士
2.ATSC2014参加報告.[溶射,52(1), (2014), 56]市川 裕士
3.夢(の続き)を語ろう.[溶射,50(4), (2013), 197-198]市川 裕士
4.ITSC2013参加報告.[溶射,50(3), (2013), 156-158]市川 裕士
5.夢を語ろう「溶射と私」.[溶射,45(4), (2008), 115-116]市川 裕士
6.Meet our new colleagues.[Journal of Thermal Spray Tecnology,17(4), (2008), 454-455]Yuji Ichikawa
7.Study on deposition mechanism of cold-sprayed MCrAlY coatings.[Sanpo Publications Incorporated Thermal Spraying Technique,27(4), (2008), 83-86]Yuji ICHIKAWA
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