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1.Another Science War: Fictitious Evidence on Women's Fertility and the “Egg Aging” Panic in 2010s Japan.[Advances in Gender Research,24,(2017),67-92]Tanaka Sigeto
2.日本人は妊娠・出産の知識レベルが低いのか?: 少子化社会対策大綱の根拠の検討.[文科省/高校 「妊活」教材の嘘 (論創社 ISBN:9784846016265),(2017),135-159]TANAKA Sigeto
3.Works Citing Bendel and Hua on Natural Fecundability: a literature review on the origin of a falsified chart used in high school education in Japan.[Annual Reports of Graduate School of Arts and Letters, Tohoku University,66,(2017),142-128]TANAKA Sigeto
4.Outline of NFRJ.[Families in Japan, 1999-2009: based upon quantitative analysis of National Family Research of Japan (NFRJ). (University of Tokyo Press, ISBN:9784130501880),(2016),361-364]TANAKA Sigeto
5.Politically Misused Knowledge on Pregnancy and Childbirth: science for propaganda?.[Seikatu Keizai Seisaku,230,(2016),13-18]TANAKA Sigeto
6.Survey Responses for the NFRJ-08Panel, Waves 1-5.[Japanese Journal of Family Sociology,26(2),(2014),165-168]TANAKA Sigeto
7.Gender gap in equivalent household income after divorce.[A Quantitative Picture of Contemporary Japanese Families: Tradition and Modernity in the 21st Century,(2013),321-350]TANAKA Sigeto
8.Women, work, and family issues.[A Quantitative Picture of Contemporary Japanese Families: Tradition and Modernity in the 21st Century,(2013),195-234]SUZUKI Fumiko, TANAKA Sigeto
9.国民生活基礎調査分析結果.[女性の生活状況及び社会的困難をめぐる事例調査,(2013),53-72]田中 重人
10.The Economic Situation of Those Who Have Experienced Divorce: The Gender Gap in Equivalent Household Income.[Second Report of the National Family Research of Japan, 2008 (NFRJ08),1,(2011),143-163]TANAKA Sigeto
11.Sampling Scheme and Demographic Characteristics of the Data.[The First Report of the Third National Family Research in Japan (NFRJ08),(2010),21-30]TANAKA Sigeto
12.The Family and Women's Economic Disadvantage: A Micro-macro Problem for Distributive Justice.[Gender Equality in Multicultural Societies,(2010),215-234]TANAKA Sigeto
13.The Family and Women's Economic Disadvantage: A Micro-macro Problem for Distributive Justice.[ジェンダー平等と多文化共生: 複合差別を超えて,(2010),99-118]TANAKA Sigeto
14.NFRJ08 sampling and survey implementation.[Japanese Journal of Family Sociology,21(2),(2009),208-213]TANAKA Sigeto
15.Death of the parents.[Family Patterns in Contemporary Japan,(2009),93-102]TANAKA Sigeto
16.Career, Family, and Economic Risks: A Quantitative Analysis of Gender Gap in Post-Divorce Life.[2005 SSM Research Series 9: Social Stratification from Life Course and Lifestyle Perspective,9,(2008),21-33]TANAKA Sigeto
17.Development of Modules for Data Reduction: For Efficient Analysis of Occupational History.[2005 SSM Research Series 12: Problems in Measurement and Analysis in Social Surveys,12,(2008),21-45]TANAKA Sigeto
18.Toward a Lifestyle-Neutral Gender-Equal Policy: Are work-family reconciliation policies justifiable?.[Tohoku University COE Book Series, Vol. 12,(2008)]TANAKA Sigeto
19.Housekeepers' Capacity as a Supply of Labor.[The Japanese Economy,34(4),(2008),57-75]TANAKA Sigeto; trans.=Stacey JEHLIK
20.Gender Inequality and Equal Policies: a systematic criticism using the framework of stratification theory.[Tohoku University COE Book Series (Tohoku University Press),9,(2007),217-238]Tanaka Sigeto
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