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1.Families in Japan, 1999-2009: based upon quantitative analysis of National Family Research of Japan (NFRJ).[University of Tokyo Press,(2016)]INABA Akihide, YASUDA Tokio, TABUCHI Rokuro, TANAKA Sigeto
2.A Quantitative Picture of Contemporary Japanese Families: Tradition and Modernity in the 21st Century.[Tohoku University Press,(2013)]TANAKA Sigeto
3.Second Report of the National Family Research of Japan, 2008 (NFRJ08) Volume 1: Family and Work.[Committee on the National Family Research of Japan (NFRJ), the Japan Society of Family Sociology,(2011)]TANAKA Sigeto, NAGAI Akiko
4.Employment, Social Security and Gender (Tohoku University COE Book Series, Volume 9).[Tohoku University Press,(2007)]Edited by DAKE Sayaka, TANAKA Sigeto; Supervised by TSUJIMURA Miyoko
5.Reconciling Work and Family: issues and policies in Japan (Conditions of Work and Employment Series No. 5).[International Labour Office,(2003)]Abe Masahiro, Hamamoto Chizuka, Tanaka Sigeto
6.The report of the Suita survey of communities and networks.[Graduate School of Human Sciences, Osaka University,(2001)]Kawabata Akira, Tanaka Sigeto
7.An Analysis of the Sexual Division of Labor: Current Realities and Prospects for Change.[Kwansei Gakuin University Press,(2000)]Tanaka Sigeto
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