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101.Tool wear and reactions in 304 stainless steel during friction stir welding.[Materials Science Forum,675-677,(2010),731-734]Y.S. Sato, M. Muraguchi, H. Kokawa
102.Microstructure and mechanical properties of Nd:YAG laser welded Invar 36 alloy.[Materials Science Forum,675-677,(2010),739-742]Yue Zhao, Aiping Wu, Wei Yao, Zhimin Wang, Yutaka S. Sato, Hiroyuki Kokawa
103.Systematic examination of precipitation phenomena associated with hardness and corrosion properties in friction stir welded aluminum alloy 2024.[IIW Document IX-2339-10,(2010),1-14]S. Kurihara, Y.S. Sato, H. Kokawa
104.Grain structure and microtexture in friction stir welded commercial purity titanium.[Science and Technology of Welding and Joining,15(6),(2010),500-505]Y. Zhang, Y.S. Sato, H. Kokawa, S.H.C. Park and S. Hirano
105.Material flow during friction stir spot welding.[Materials Science and Engineering A,527(16-17),(2010),4389-4398]Q. Yang, S. Mironov, Y.S. Sato, K. Okamoto
106.Precipitation phenomena in friction stir welded 6000-series aluminium alloy with paint-bake hardening response.[Proceedings of the 8th International Friction Stir Welding Symposium, Timmendorfer Strand, Germany,(2010),CD-ROM-]Y.S. Sato, N. Abe, U.F.H.R. Suhuddin, H. Kokawa
107.Pin breakage during friction stir welding of Al alloy.[Proceedings of the 8th International Friction Stir Welding Symposium, Timmendorfer Strand, Germany,(2010),CD-ROM-]M. Miyake, Y.S. Sato, H. Kokawa
108.Effect of interfacial microstructure on lap shear strength of friction stir spot weld of auminium alloy to magnesium alloy.[Science and technology of Welding and Joining,15(4),(2010),319-324]Y.S. Sato. A. Shiota, H. Kokawa, K. Okamoto, Q. Yang, C. Kim
109.Specific character of material flow in near-surface layer during friction stir processing of AZ31 maginesium alloy.[Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A,41(4),(2010),1016-1024]S. Mironov, Q. Yang, H. Takahashi, I. Takahashi, K. Okamoto, Y.S. Sato, H. Kokawa
110.Effect of fixed location variation in friction stir welding of steels with different carbon contents.[Science and technology of Welding and Joining,15(4),(2010),299-304]D.-H. Choi, C.-Y. Lee, B.-W. Ahn, Y.-M. Yeon, S.-H.C. Park, Y.S. Sato, H. Kokawa, S.-B. Jung
111.Improvement of transpassive intergranular corrosion resistance of 304 austenitic stainless steel by thermomechanical processing for twin-induced grain boundary engineering.[ISIJ International,50(3),(2010),476-481]Wei Zhong Jin, Hiroyuki Kokawa, Zhan Jie Wang, Yutaka S. Sato, Nobuyoshi Hara
112.Grain structure and texture evolution during friction stir welding of thin 6016 aluminum alloy sheets.[Materials Science and Engineering A,527(7-8),(2010),1962-1969]U.F.H.R. Suhuddin, S. Mironov, Y.S. Sato, H. Kokawa
113.Friction spot joining of high strength steel sheets for automotives.[Welding in the World,53(5-6),(2010),23-27]R. Ohashi, M. Fujimoto, S. Mironov, Y.S. Sato, H. Kokawa
114.Grain structure formation ahead of tool during friction stir welding of AZ31 magnesium alloy.[Solid State Phenomena,160,(2010),313-318]U. Suhuddin, S. Mironov, H. Takahashi, Y. Sato, H. Kokawa, C.-W. Lee
115.Superplasticity of a Sc and Zr modified Al-6%Cu alloy subjected to ECAE.[Materials Science Forum,638-642,(2010),291-296]I. Nikulin, R. Kaibyshev, S. Mironov, Y.S. Sato, H. Kokawa, Y. Motohashi
116.Metallographic study of lapped FSW between ductile cast iron and austenite type stainless steel.[Materials Science Forum,638-642,(2010),1197-1202]Mitsuru Nakamura, Yu-ki Sawada, Yutaka S. Sato
117.Friction stir spot welding phenomena in Al alloy 6061.[Materials Science Forum,638-642,(2010),1243-1248]Yutaka S. Sato, Mitsuo Fujimoto, Natsumi Abe, Hiroyuki Kokawa
118.Microstrucutral evolution during friction stir welding of Ti-15V-3Cr-3al-3Sn alloy.[Materials Science and Engineering A,527,(2010),7498-7504]S. Mironov, Y.S. Sato, H. Kokawa
119.Microstructural evolution of DP980 steel during friction bit joining.[Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A,40A(12),(2009),2994-3000]T. Huang, Y.S. Sato, H. Kokawa, M.P. Miles, K. Kohkonen, B. Siemssen, R.J. Steel, S. Packer
120.Grain Refinement by Friction Stir Processing.[Proceedings of the 18th Conference on Processing and Fabrication of Advanced Materials (PFAM XVIII), edited by M. Niinomi, M. Morinaga, M. Nakai, N. Bhatnagar, T.S. Srivatsan, JSPS, December 12-14, 2009, Sendai,(2009),1973-1980]S. Mironov, K. Masaki, Y.S. Sato, H. Kokawa
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