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1.Impedance matching approach of L-section circuit with ohmic loss in reactive components.[WIRELESS POWER TRANSFER,5(1),(2018),64-74]Suzuki Satoshi, Yuan Qiaowei, Chen Qiang
2.Numerical Study on a Rotationally-Symmetrical Dipole Array Antenna Position for a MIMO Full-Duplex System.[IEICE Commun. Express,7(3),(2018),101-106]CHEN Qiang
3.Ninja array antenna: novel approach for low backscattering phased array antenna.[IET MICROWAVES ANTENNAS & PROPAGATION,12(3),(2018),346-353]Konno Keisuke, Yuan Qiaowei, Chen Qiang
4.Numerical Analysis of Large-Scale Finite Periodic Arrays Using a Macro Block-Characteristic Basis Function Method.[IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ANTENNAS AND PROPAGATION,65(10),(2017),5348-5355]Konno Keisuke, Chen Qiang, Burkholder Robert J.
5.Recent Technologies in Japan on Array Antennas for Wireless Systems.[IEICE Trans. on Commun.,E100-B(9),(2017),1644-1652]Jiro HIROKAWA, Qiang CHEN, Mitoshi FUJIMOTO and Ryo YAMAGUCHI
6.Scattering Performance of Log-Periodic Dipole Array.[IEEE Antennas Wireless Propag. Lett.,16,(2017),740-743]K. Yokokawa, K. Konno and Q. Chen
7.Experiment study of transmission characteristics through conducting human body equivalent liquid.[IEICE Communications Express,6(6),(2017),286-291]Yang Li, Hiroyasu Sato and Qiang Chen
8.Numerical analysis on near field wireless power transfer system using reconfigurable transmitting/receiving antenna.[IEICE Communications Express,6(6),(2017),304-308]Shun Maruyama, Qiang Chen and Qiaowei Yuan
9.FDTD analysis of capsule dipole antenna in the digestive system of a human body.[IEICE Communications Express,6(6),(2017),276-280]Yang Li, Hiroyasu Sato and Qiang Chen
10.Fast Computation of Layered Media Green's Function via Recursive Taylor Expansion.[IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters,16,(2017),1048-1051]K. Konno, Q. Chen, and R. J. Burkholder
11.Wideband Scattering Performance of Reflectarray Using Log-Periodic Dipole Array.[IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters,16,(2017),1305-1308]H. Ito, K. Konno, H. Sato, and Q. Chen
12.Enhancing aperture efficiency of reflectarray by accurately evaluating mutual coupling of reflectarray elements.[IEICE Communications Express,5(9),(2016),341-346]Keisuke Konno and Qiang Chen
13.Estimation of Equivalent Current Distribution of Modulated EM Radiation Source.[IEEE Trans. Antennas Propag.,64(4),(2016),1334-1341]B. Nishina and Q. Chen
14.ガラーキンモーメント法によるプリントアンテナ数値解析の高精度化に関する検討.[電子情報通信学会論文誌 B,J98-B(1),(2015),44-52]吉川 幸広, 陳 強, 澤谷 邦男
15.Beam scanning capability and suppression of endfire radiation of dipole array antennas coupled to two-wire parallel transmission line.[IEICE Communications Express,4(12),(2015),358-362]K. Konno, K. Takeda, and Q. Chen
16.Improvement in the light outcoupling efficiency of organic light-emitting diodes using a hemispherical lens and a multipatterned one-dimensional photonic crystal fabricated by autocloning.[Applied Physics Express,8(8),(2015),082102]H. Fujimoto, M. Yahiro, T. Kawashima, K. Konno, Q. Chen, K. Sawaya, S. Kawakami, and C. Adachi
17.The numerical analysis of an antenna near a dielectric object using the higher-order characteristic basis function method combined with a volume integral equation.[IEICE Trans. Commun.,E97-B(10),(2014),2066-2073]K. KONNO and Q. CHEN
18.Experimental Study of Improving Wireless Propagation Channel by Using Reflectarray.[Proc. 2014 IEEE International Workshop on Electromagnetics: Applications and Student Innovation Competition (iWEM),(2014),102-103]Qiang Chen
19.Estimation Method for Complex Radiation Pattern of MIMO Antennas Using Backscattering Waves.[Proc. 2014 IEEE International Workshop on Electromagnetics: Applications and Student Innovation Competition (iWEM),(2014),217-218]Masatoshi Saitoh, Qiang Chen, and Naoki Honma
20.Antenna Characterization for Wireless Power Transfer Using Near-Field Coupling of Multi-antenna.[Proc. 2014 3rd Asia-Pacific Conference on Antennas and Propagation,(2014)]Qiang Chen, Mingda Wu, and Qiaowei Yuan
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