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1.Influence of Capacity of Battery Energy Storage System coupled with PV in Distribution Network on Hosting Capacity of PV.[電気学会研究会資料. PE,2018(74), (2018), 97-102]野瀬 淳平, 飯岡 大輔, 織原 大, 馬場 旬平, 今中 政輝, 太田 豊, 石原 正浩, 徳田 憲昭, 浅野 浩志
2.Research Trend of Distributed Energy Resources Management System for both Supply-Demand Balance and Distribution System.[電気学会研究会資料. PE,2018(83), (2018), 105-109]今中 政輝, 馬場 旬平, 荻本 和彦, 飯岡 大輔, 太田 豊, 石原 正浩, 徳田 憲昭, 坂東 茂, 浅野 浩志
3.Influence of Reverse Power from Large Amount of Photovoltaic System Installed in Distribution Network on Extra-High Voltage Network.[電気学会研究会資料. PSE = The papers of Technical Meeting on "Power Systems Engineering", IEE Japan,2017(63), (2017), 39-43]三浦 幸也, 飯岡 大輔, 馬場 旬平, 今中 政輝, 太田 豊, 石原 正浩, 徳田 憲昭, 浅野 浩志
4.Measured Impedance at Incoming Feeder of Distributed Resources Interconnected to Loop-Shaped Distribution System.[IEEE PES General Meeting, Detroit, USA, (2011)]D.Iioka, Y.Hayashi
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