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6.A Study on First Stage Urban Design Activities for Restructuring Built- Up Residential Area.[Journal of Architecture and Building Science, Architectural Institute of Japan,(16),(2002),281-286]Eiji HARADA
7.A Study on the Usage of one of the Sendai Cityscape Policy,'Designation of Important Cityscape Buildings'.[Journal of Architecture and Building Science, Architectural Institute of Japan,,(15),(2002),263-268]Eiji HARADA, Susumu SAKAKIBARA, Ken-ichi OHMURA
8.The Multiple Role and Effective Management for the Local Administrative Organization.[The City Planning Institute of Japan, City Planning review,234,(2001),68-79]Eiji HARADA
9.A Study on the Estimation of Material Consuption Caused by Urban Activities : A Macro Study on IO Analysis..[Summary of Master Thesis : Faculty of Engineering University of Tokyo 1992,(1993),439-440]Eiji HARADA, Gaku YAMADA
10.A Study on the Conceptions of Future CIties-Technical Background and Issues of Recent Projects.[Summaries of Technical Papers of Annual Meeting Arhitectural Institute of Japan,F,(1992),685-686]Eiji HARADA, Kimiko SHIRAE, Kei-ichi KOBAYASHI, Gaku YAMADA
11.A Study on 'town waching' method for better community-building - a case study of Musashino city.[日本建築学会大会学術講演梗概集 1991.,F,(1991),179-180]Eiji HARADA, Yukio NISHIMURA, Keiichi KOBAYASHI
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