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1.[O] Effect of Frequency-Dependent Fresnel Factor on the Vibrational Sum Frequency Generation Spectra for Liquid/Solid Interfaces.[Journal of Physical Chemistry C,123,(2019),15665-15673]Wang L, Nihonyanagi S, Inoue K.-I, Nishikawa K, Morita A, Ye S, Tahara T.
2.[O] Microscopic Investigation of Ethylene Carbonate Interface: A Molecular Dynamics and Vibrational Spectroscopic Study.[ACTA PHYSICO-CHIMICA SINICA,34(10),(2018),1124-1135]Lin Wang, Liang Xin, Tatsuya Ishiyama, Peng Qiling, Shen Ye, Akihiro Morita
3.[O] Singularity-free constraint on molecular dynamics beyond Lagrange multiplier.[MOLECULAR SIMULATION,44(12),(2018),965-972]Hirano Tomonori, Wang Lin, Morita Akihiro
4.[O] Theoretical Investigation of C-H Vibrational Spectroscopy. 2. Unified Assignment Method of IR, Raman, and Sum Frequency Generation Spectra of Ethanol.[J. Phys. Chem. A,121(36),(2017),6701-6712]Wang, Lin Ishiyama, Tatsuya Morita, Akihiro
5.[O] Theoretical Investigation of C-H Vibrational Spectroscopy. 1. Modeling of Methyl and Methylene Groups of Ethanol with Different Conformers.[JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A,121(36),(2017),6687-6700]Wang, Lin Ishiyama, Tatsuya Morita, Akihiro
6.[O] Nanocoating covalent organic frameworks on nickel nanowires for greatly enhancedperformance supercapacitors.[Nanotechnology,28(33),(2017),33LT01-]Han, Yang Hu, Nantao Liu, Shuai Hou, Zhongyu Liu, Jiaqiang Hua, Xiaolin Yang, Zhi Wei, Liangming Wang, Lin Wei, Hao
7.[O] Theoretical and experimental examination of SFG polarization analysis at acetonitrile-water solution surfaces.[PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS,19(13),(2017),8941-8961]Saito, Kengo Peng, Qiling Qiao, Lin Wang, Lin Joutsuka, Tatsuya Ishiyama, Tatsuya Ye, Shen Morita, Akihiro
8.[O] Surface Structure of Organic Carbonate Liquids Investigated by Molecular Dynamics Simulation and Sum Frequency Generation Spectroscopy.[J. Phys. Chem. C,120(28),(2016),15185-15197]Wang, Lin Peng, Qiling Ye, Shen Morita, Akihiro
9.[O] The microwave-assisted solvothermal synthesis of a novel beta-ketoenamine-linked conjugated microporous polymer for supercapacitors.[RSC Adv.,6(55),(2016),49425-49428]Chai, Shuangzhi Hu, Nantao Han, Yang Zhang, Xue Yang, Zhi Wei, Liangming Wang, Lin Wei, Hao
10.[O] A molecular dynamics study of the breathing and deforming modes of the spherical ionic SDS and nonionic C12E8 micelles.[J. Chem. Phys.,144(3),(2016),034903-]Wang, Lin Fujimoto, Kazushi Yoshii, Noriyuki Okazaki, Susumu
11.[O] Synthesis of a novel β-ketoenamine-linked conjugated microporous polymer with N-H functionalized pore surface for carbon dioxide capture.[Applied Surface Science,384,(2016),539-543]Shuangzhi C, Liu H, Zhang X, Han Y, Hu N, Wei L, Cong F, Wei H, Wang L.
12.[O] The microwave-assisted solvothermal synthesis of a crystalline two-dimensional covalent organic framework with high CO2 capacity.[CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS,51(61),(2015),12178-12181]Wei, Hao Chai, Shuangzhi Hu, Nantao Yang, Zhi Wei, Liangming Wang, Lin
13.[O] Predicting adsorption of n-perfluorohexane (n-C6F14) on BCR-704 zeolite using the first principle force field method.[FLUID PHASE EQUILIBRIA,366,(2014),159-164]Wang, Lin Chen, Long Sun, Huai
14.[O] Kinetic effects in predicting adsorption using the GCMC method - using CO2 adsorption on ZIFs as an example.[RSC ADVANCES,4(52),(2014),27571-27581]Cao, Fenglei Sun, Yingxin Wang, Lin Sun, Huai
15.[O] Prediction of Na+/NH4+ Exchange in Faujasite Zeolite by Molecular Dynamics Simulation and Thermodynamic Integration Method.[JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C,117(27),(2013),14051-14060]Wang, Lin Sun, Huai
16.[O] Thermal conductivity of silicon and carbon hybrid monolayers: a molecular dynamics study.[JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR MODELING,18(11),(2012),4811-4818]Wang, Lin Sun, Huai
17.[O] Predicting Hydrogen Storage Performances in Porous Aromatic Frameworks Containing Carboxylate Functional Groups with Divalent Metallic Cations.[ACTA PHYSICO-CHIMICA SINICA,28(3),(2012),547-554]Miao Yan-Lin Sun Huai Wang Lin Sun Ying-Xin
18.[O] Predicting Hydrogen Adsorption Uptake in Metal-organic Framework (MOF) Containing Unsaturated Coordinate Coppers Using Molecular Simulation.[CHEMICAL JOURNAL OF CHINESE UNIVERSITIES-CHINESE,32(3),(2011),758-764]Wang Lin Sun Ying-Xin Miao Yan-Lin Sun Huai
19.[O] Prediction of thermodynamic, transport and vapor-liquid equilibrium properties of binary mixtures of ethylene glycol and water.[FLUID PHASE EQUILIBRIA,301(2),(2011),137-144]Dai, Jianxing Wang, Ling Sun, Yingxin Wang, Lin Sun, Huai
20.[O] Incorporating magnesium and calcium cations in porous organic frameworks for high-capacity hydrogen storage.[FARADAY DISCUSSIONS,151,(2011),143-156]Wang, Lin Sun, Yingxin Sun, Huai
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