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1.[O] 高圧下でのマグマ物性:地球深部でのマグマの挙動解明.[岩石鉱物科学,46(1),(2017),30-34]坂巻竜也
2.[O] Diamond formation in the deep lower mantle: a high-pressure reaction of MgCO3 and SiO2.[Scientific Reports,7:40602,(2017)]Maeda, F., Ohtani, E., Kamada, S., Sakamaki, T., Hirao, N., Ohishi, Y.
3.[O] Constraints on Earth’s inner core composition inferred from measurements of the sound velocity of hcp-iron in extreme conditions.[Science Advances,2(2),(2016)]Sakamaki, T., Ohtani, E., Fukui, H., Kamada, S., Takahashi, S., Sakairi, T., Takahata, A., Sakai, T., Tsutsui, S., Ishikawa, S., Shiraishi, R., Seto, Y., Tsuchiya, T., Baron, A.Q.R.
4.[O] Magnetic and spin transitions in wüstite: A synchrotron Mössbauer spectroscopic study.[Physical Review B,93,(2016)]Hamada, M., Kamada, S., Ohtani, E., Mitsui, T., Masuda, R., Sakamaki, T., Suzuki, N., Maeda, F., Akasaka, M.
5.[O] Compressional and shear wave velocities for polycrystalline bcc-Fe up to 6.3 GPa and 800 K.[American Mineralogist,101,(2016),1150-1160]Shibazaki, Y., Nishida, K., Higo, Y., Igarashi, M. Tahara, M., Sakamaki, T., Terasaki, H., Shimoyama, Y., Kuwabara, S., Takubo, Y., Ohtani, E.
6.[O] Preface for the article collection “High-Pressure Earth and Planetary Science in the last and next decade”.[Progress in Earth and Planetary Science,3:38,(2016)]Sakamaki, T., Suzuki, A., Mysen, B.
7.[O] Magma in the Earth’s Interior.[The Review of High Pressure Science and Technology,25(2),(2015),165-171]Sakamaki, T.
8.[O] Sound velocity measurement by inelastic X-ray scattering at high pressure and temperature by resistive heating diamond anvil cell.[Russian Geology and Geophysics,56,(2015),190-195]E. Ohtani, K. Mibe, T. Sakamaki, S. Kamada, S. Takahashi, H. Fukui, S. Tsutsui, A.Q.R. Baron
9.[O] Contrasting sound velocity and intermediate-range structural order between polymerized and depolymerized silicate glasses under pressure.[Earth and Planetary Science Letters,391,(2014),288-295]T. Sakamaki, Y. Kono, Y. Wang, C. Park, T. Yu, Z. Jing, G. Shen
10.[O] Contrasting behavior of intermediate-range order structures in jadeite glass and melt.[Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors,228,(2014),281-286]T. Sakamaki, Y. Wang, C. Park, T. Yu, G. Shen
11.[O] Velocity of Fe-S liquids at high pressure: Implications for the Moon’s molten outer core.[Earth and Planetary Science Letters,396,(2014),78-87]Z. Jing, Y. Wang, Y. Kono, T. Yu, T. Sakamaki, C. Park, M. L. Rivers, S. R. Sutton, G. Shen
12.[O] An Atomistic insight into viscosity and density of silicate melts under pressure.[Nature Communications,(2014)]Y. Wang, T. Sakamaki, L. Skinner, Z. Jing, T. Yu, Y. Kono, C. Park, G. Shen, M. L. Rivers, S. R. Sutton
13.[O] A magma “traffic jam” between lithosphere and asthenosphere.[SPring-8 Research Frontiers 2013,(2014),86-87]T. Sakamaki
14.[O] Stability of hydrous phase H MgSiO4H2 under lower mantle conditions.[Geophysical Research Letters,41,(2014),8283-8287]E. Ohtani, Y. Amaike, S. Kamada, T. Sakamaki, N. Hirao
15.[O] The abundance of potassium in the Earth’s core.[Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors,237,(2014),66-72]K. Watanabe, E. Ohtani, S. Kamada, T. Sakamaki , M. Miyahara, Y. Ito
16.[O] Ponded melt at the boundary between the lithosphere and asthenosphere.[Nature Geoscience,(2013)]T. Sakamaki, A. Suzuki, E. Ohtani, H. Terasaki, S. Urakawa, Y. Katayama, K. Funakoshi, Y. Wang, J. W. Hernlund, M. D. Ballmer
17.[O] A compact system for generating extreme pressures and temperatures: an application of laser-heated diamond anvil cell to inelastic X-ray scattering.[Review of Scientific Instruments,(2013)]H. Fukui, T. Sakai, T. Sakamaki, S. Kamada, S. Takahashi, E. Ohtani, A. Q. R. Baron
18.[O] Sound velocity of hexagonal close-packed iron up to core pressures.[Geophysical Research Letters,(2013)]E. Ohtani, Y. Shibazaki, T. Sakai, K. Mibe, H. Fukui, S. Kamada, T. Sakamaki, Y. Seto, S. Tsutsui, A. Q. R. Baron
19.[O] Structure of jadeite melt at high pressures up to 4.9 GPa.[Journal of Applied Physics,(2012)]T. Sakamaki, Y. Wang, P. Chagyong, T. Yu, G. Shen
20.[O] Stability of Fe-Ni hydride after the reaction between Fe-Ni alloy and hydrous phase (δ-AlOOH) up to 1.2 Mbar: Possibility of H contribution to the core density deficit.[Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interior,,(2012)]H. Terasaki, E. Ohtani, T. Sakai, S. Kamada, H. Asanuma, Y. Shibazaki, N. Hirao, N. Sata, Y. Ohishi, T. Sakamaki, A. Suzuki, K. Funakoshi
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