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21.[O] Rockmagnetic characterization of the Setana and Chiraigawa Formations in SW Hokkaido (Soebetsu River, Kuromatsunai).[The Origin and Evolution of Natural Diversity,(2008),101-107]Gautam, P., Takashima, R., Dick, M.H., Kanamatsu, T., Rijal, M.L., Nishi H. and Mawatari, S.F.
22.[O] Further examples of archael-derived hydrocarbons in mid-Cretaceous Oceanic Anoxic Event (OAE) 1b sediments..[Organic Geochemistry,39,(2008),1088-1091]Okano, K., Sawada, K., Takashma, R., Nishi, H., Okada, H.
23.[O] Paleoceanography of the northwestern Pacific during the Albian.[Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology,254,(2007),477-491]Yamamura, M., Kawahata, H., Matsumoto, K., Takashima, R. and Nishi, H.
24.[O] The first Pacific record of the Late Aptian warming.[Journal of the Geological Society, London,164,(2007),333-339]Takashima, R., Sano, S., Iba, Y., Nishi, H.
25.[O] Mid-Cretaceous Oceanic Anoxic Events recorded in SE France and central Italy.[Journal of the Geological Society of Japan,113,(2007),iii-iv]Takashima, R., Coccioni, R., Nishi, H. and Hayashi, K.
26.[O] First finding of a Cretaceous cheilostome bryozoan from Hokkaido, Japan.[Cretaceous Research,27,(2006),859-862]Ostrovsky, A. N., Takashima, R., Dick, M. H., Grischenko, A. V., Nishi, H. and Mawatari, S. F.
27.[O] Recent Advances in Research on Terrestrial and Marine sequences from the mid-Cretaceous Oceanic Anoxic Events (OAEs).[Scientific Drilling,(2),(2006),50-51]Takashima, R., Gautam, P. and Nishi, H.
28.[O] Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous intra-arc sedimentation and volcanism linked to plate motion change in northern Japan.[Geological Magazine,143,(2006),753-770]Takashima, R., Nishi, H. and Yoshida, T.
29.[O] Use of a microdrill for high stratigraphical resolution calcareous nannofossil analysis, and a modified filtration method.[Journal of Nannoplankton Research,28,(2006),85-87]Fernando, A. G. S., Okada, H., Nishi, H., Takashima, R.
30.[O] Greenhouse world and the Mesozoic ocean.[Oceanography,19,(2006),82-92]Takashima, R., Nishi, H., Huber, B. and Leckie, M.
31.[O] ヒマラヤ山脈のテクトニクスと東アジアの古環境・古気候の変動.[石油技術協会誌,70,(2005),6-14]西 弘嗣・高嶋礼詩
32.[O] テクトニクスと無酸素環境.[月刊海洋,37,(2005),881-885]髙嶋礼詩
33.[O] Geology and stratigraphy of forearc basin sediments in Hokkaido, Japan: Cretaceous environmental events on the Northwest Pacific margin.[Cretaceous Research,25,(2004),365-390]Takashima, R., Kawabe, F., Nishi, H., Moriya, K., Wani, R. and Ando, H.
34.[O] Stratigraphic carbon isotope fluctuations of detrital woody materials during the Aptian Stage in Hokkaido, Japan: Comprehensive δ13C data from four sections of the Ashibetsu area.[Journal of Asian Earth Sciences,21,(2003),835-847]Ando, A., Kakegawa, T., Takashima, R. and Saito, T.
35.[O] Planktonic foraminiferal zonation in the Cretaceous Yezo Group, Central Hokkaido, Japan.[Journal of Asian Earth Sciences,21,(2003),867-886]Nishi, H., Takashima, R., Hatsugai, T., Saito, T., Moriya, K., Ennyu, A. and Sakai, T.
36.[O] Biostratigraphy of the Upper Albian to Lower Cenomanian in Oyubari, Hokkaido, Japan: implications for the Cretaceous biochronology in the North Pacific.[Acta Geologica Polonica,53,(2003),81-91]Kawabe, F., Takashima, R., Wani, R., Moriya, K. and Nishi, H.
37.[O] A new perspective on Aptian carbon isotope stratigraphy: Constraints fromδ13C records of terrestrial organic matter.[Geology,30,(2002),227-230]Ando, A., Kakegawa, T. and Takashima, R. and Saito, T.
38.[O] 白亜紀の海洋無酸素事変(OAE1b)の高分解能解析.[月刊地球,24,(2002),454-460]長谷川 卓・西 弘嗣・岡田尚武・坂本竜彦・Luc Beaufort・Fabianne Giraud・Oliver Friedrich・古川麻里子・川幡穂高・大河内直彦・高嶋礼詩・黒柳あずみ・山村 充・勝田長貴
39.[O] 東京大学北海道演習林地域に分布する中生界空知層群および蝦夷層群の層序と地質.[東京大学演習林報告,(108),(2002),57-76]高嶋礼詩・宮本義憲・西 弘嗣・吉田武義
40.[O] Geology, petrology and tectonic setting of the Late Jurassic ophiolite in Hokkaido, Japan.[Journal of Asian Earth Sciences,21,(2002),197-215]Takashima, R., Hiroshi, N. and Yoshida, T.
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