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41.Skin Depth of Electromagnetic Wave through Fractal Crustal Rocks.[Trans. IEE Jpn,130(3),(2009),258-264]Takahara, K., Muto, J., Nagahama, H.
42.Frictional discharge plasma and seismo-electromagnetic phenomena.[Phys. Earth Planet. Inter.,168,(2008),1-5]Muto, J., Nagahama, H., Miura, T., and I. Arakawa
43.Frictional discharge at fault asperities: Origin of fractal seismo-electromagnetic radiation.[Tectonophysics,431,(2007),113-122]Muto, J., Nagahama, H., Miura, T. and Arakawa, I.
44.Frictional discharge from sheared asperity: Implication for fractal seismo-electro- magnetic radiation.[Trans. IEE Japan,126,(2006),242-243]Muto, J., Nagahama, H., Miura, T. and Arakawa, I.
45.Frictional discharge plasma from natural semiconductor/insulator junctions: Origin of seismo-electromagnetic radiation.[Phys. Chem. Earth,31,(2006),346-351]Muto, J., Nagahama, H., Miura, T. and Arakawa, I.
46.Micro-IR reflection spectroscopic mapping: application to detection of hydrogen- related species in natural quartz.[J. Microscopy,216,(2005),222-228]Muto, J., Nagahama, H. and Hashimoto, T.
47.Water Distribution in Dynamically Recrystallized Quartz Grains: Cathodoluminescence and Micro-Infrared Spectroscopic Mappings.[Geol. Soc. London Spec. Publ.,245,(2005),397-407]Muto, J., Nagahama, H. and Hashimoto, T.
48.Dielectric anisotropy and deformation of crustal rocks: physical interaction theory and dielectric mylonites.[Phys. Earth Planet. Inter.,141,(2004),27-35]Muto, J. and Nagahama, H.
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