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1.[O] Salmonella Typhimurium is attracted to egg yolk and repelled by albumen.[Curr. Microbiol.,76,(2019),393-397]Okuno K, Xu J, Isogai E, Nakamura S
2.[O] Effect of the MotA(M206I) mutation on torque generation and stator assembly in the Salmonella H+-driven flagellar motor.[J. Bacteriol.,201,(2019),e00727-18-]Suzuki Y, Morimoto YV, Oono K, Hayashi F, Oosawa K, Kudo S, Nakamura S
3.[O] Effects of fermentation products of the commensal bacterium Clostridium ramosum on motility, intracellular pH, and flagellar synthesis of enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli.[Arch. Microbiol.,(2019)]Xu J, Koyanagi Y, Isogai E, Nakamura S
4.[B] 獣医微生物学 第4版.[文永堂出版,(2018)]中村 修一
5.[O] Leptospiral flagellar sheath protein FcpA interacts with FlaA2 and FlaB1 in Leptospira biflexa..[PLOS One,13,(2018),e0194923-]Sasaki Y, Kawamoto A, Tahara H, Kasuga K, Sato R, Ohnishi M, Nakamura S, Koizumi N.
6.[O] Calibrated electrorotation for characterizing the torque generation by individual flagellar motors.[arXiv,(2018),1806.06470-]Sato K, Nakamura S, Kudo S, Toyabe S
7.[O] The mechanism of two-phase motility in the spirochete Leptospira: Swimming and crawling.[Sci. Adv.,4,(2018),eaar7975-]Tahara H, Takabe K, Sasaki Y, Kasuga K, Kawamoto A, Koizumi N, Nakamura S
8.[R] スピロヘータの運動メカニズム.[生物工学会誌,96, (2018), 195-199]中村 修一
9.[R] 菌体内べん毛を利用する螺旋形細菌の遊泳メカニズム.[生物物理,58(4), (2018), 191-195]高部響介、川本晃大、中村修一
10.[B] Methods in Microbiology 1593 “The Bacterial Flagellum, Methods and Protocols”.[Springer,(2017)]Nakamura S and Md. Islam S
11.[B] 分子マシンの科学 分子の動きとその機能を見る.[Kagakudojin,(2017)]Shuichi Nakamura
12.[O] Implications of coordinated cell-body rotations for Leptospira motility.[Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun.,491,(2017),1040-1046]Takabe K, Kawamoto A, Tahara H, Kudo S, and Nakamura S
13.[O] Load- and polysaccharide-dependent activation of the Na+-type MotPS stator in the Bacillus subtilis flagellar motor.[Sci. Rep.,7,(2017),46081-]Terahara N, Noguchi Y, Nakamura S, Kami-ike N, Ito M, Namba K, and Minamino T
14.[O] Viscosity-dependent variations in the cell shape and swimming manner of Leptospira.[Microbiology,163,(2017),153-160]Takabe K, Tahara H, Md. Islam S, Affroze S, Kudo S, and Nakamura S
15.[O] Bioconvection induced by bacterial chemotaxis in a capillary assay.[Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun.,483,(2017),277-282]Abe T, Nakamura S, and Kudo S
16.[O] Mannose-binding lectin inhibits the motility of pathogenic Salmonella by affecting the driving forces of motility and the chemotactic response.[PLoS One,11,(2016),e0154165-]Xu J, Nakamura S, Md. Islam S, Guo Y, Ihara K, Tomioka R, Masuda M, Yoneyama H, and Isogai E
17.[O] Characterization of leptospiral chemoreceptors using a microscopic agar drop assay.[Curr. Microbiol.,73,(2016),202-205]Affroze S, Md. Islam S, Takabe K, Kudo S, and Nakamura S
18.[O] A lactose fermentation product produced by Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis, acetate, inhibits the motility of flagellated pathogenic bacteria..[Microbiology,161,(2015),701-707]Nakamura S, Morimoto YV, Kuso S
19.[O] H+ and Na+ are involved in flagellar rotation of the spirochete Leptospira.[Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun.,466,(2015),196-200]Md. Islam S, Morimoto YV, Kudo S, Nakamura S
20.[O] Interaction between leptospiral lipopolysaccharide and toll-like receptor 2 in pig fibroblast cell line, and inhibitory effect of antibody against leptospiral lipopolysaccharide on interaction..[Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences,28,(2015),273-279]Guo Y, Fukuda T, Nakamura S, Bai L, Xu J, Kuroda K, Tomioka R, Yoneyama H, Isogai E.
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