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1.[O] Crystal Structure and Grain Formation Mechanism of Bismuth-Indium Particles Generated by Ultrasonic Irradiation.[[Journal of Material Science,54(16),(2019),10998-11008]Akio Furusawa, Kiyohiko Hine, Hidetoshi Kitaura, Yamato Hayashi and Hirotsugu Takizawa
2.[B] ナノ粒子塗工液の調整とコーティング技術.[技術情報協会,(2019)]林 大和
3.[R] Metal Nanoparticle Related Material Processing by synergistic effects of Solid-Liquid System and Ultrasound, Microwave Reactor - Innovative Nanomaterial Fabrication Joining Environment, Low cost and High Throughput-.[粉体工学会 粉体工学会誌,56(7), (2019), 409-416]林 大和
4.[R] 固液系低周波強力超音波を利用した金属ナノ材料の合成.[日本工業出版 Ultrasonic Technology,31(3), (2019), 15-19]Yamato Hayashi, Masahiro Inoue
5.[R] Solution of Nanomaterial Problems by Processing and Promotion of Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration.[日本素材物性学会 日本素材物性学会誌,30(1/2), (2019), 1-9]林 大和
6.[O] Facile synthesis and thermal properties of waterglass-based silica xerogel nanocomposites containing reduced graphene oxide.[Ceramics International,45(4),(2019),4201-4207]K. Oikawa, K. Toyota, S. Sakatani, Y. Hayashi, T. Takizawa
7.[O] Formation of particle of bismuth–indium alloys and particle diameter by ultrasonic cavitation.[Ultrasonic Sonochemistry,50(1),(2019),322-330]Akio Furusawa, Kiyohiko Hine, Yamato Hayashi and Hirotsugu Takizawa
8.[O] Kinetics of microwave synthesis of AlN by carbothermal-reduction–nitridation at low temperature.[Journal of the American Ceramic Society,101(11),(2018),4905-4910]H. Chikami, J. Fukushima, Y. Hayashi and H. Takizawa
9.[B] Nanopackaging: Nanotechnologies and Electronics Packaging, Second Edition.[Springer,(2018)]M. Inoue, Y. Hayashi, H. Takizawa, and K. Suganuma
10.[O] Microwave synthesis of carbon-coated Ti4O7 nanorods by rapid carbothermal reduction processing.[Chemical Engineering & Processing: Process Intensificatio,125(2018),(2018),27-33]J. Fukushima, T. Takeuchi, Y. Hayashi, H. Takizawa
11.[R] 東北大学大学院工学研究科応用化学専攻極限材料創製化学分野.[般社団法人日本ファインセラミックス協会 FC レポート,36(4), (2018), 181-]林 和
12.[R] 超音波・マイクロ波を用いた低コスト・高環境性金属ナノ粒子関連材料合成プロセス.[公益社団法人化学工学会 化学工学会東北支部NEWS LETTER,102, (2018), 7-11]林 大和
13.[O] Linear magnetic field dependence of the magnetodielectric effect in eutectic BaTiO3- CoFe2O4 multiferroic material fabricated by containerless processing.[APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS,112(2018),(2018),212903-]J. Fukushima, K. Ara, T. Nojima, S. Iguchi, Y. Hayashi, and H. Takizawa
14.[O] Synthesis and photoluminescence properties of a novel Sr2Al6O11:Mn4+ red phosphor prepared with a B2O3 flux.[Journal of Luminescence,194(2),(2018),446-451]Takuya Sasaki, Jun Fukushima, Yamato Hayashi, Hirotsugu Takizawa
15.[O] Effect of organic hydrophobic groups on the pore structure and thermal properties of waterglass based silica xerogels.[Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan,125(12),(2017),446-451]K. Oikawa, K. Toyota, S. Sakatani, Y. Hayashi, T. Takizawa
16.[R] 固液系超音波・マイクロ波反応場を利用したIoTデバイス用高スループット金属ナノ材料合成技術の開発.[化学工業社 化学工業,68(12), (2017), 58-65]Yamato Hayashi
17.[O] Synthesis of Lead-Free Solder Particles Using High-Speed Centrifugal Atomization.[Materials Transactions,58(10),(2017),1458-1462]Akio Furusawa, Shinnosuke Akiyama, Kazuki Sakai, Yamato Hayashi and Hirotsugu Takizawa
18.[O] Synthesis and photoluminescence properties of Mn4+-doped magnetoplumbite-related aluminate X-type Ca2Mg2Al28O46 and W-type CaMg2Al16O27 red phosphors.[Ceramics International,43(9),(2017),7147-7152]Takuya Sasaki, , Jun Fukushima, Yamato Hayashi, Hirotsugu Takizawa
19.[O] Synthesis of Ti4O7 Nanoparticles by Carbothermal Reduction Using Microwave Rapid Heating.[Catalysts,7(2),(2017),65-]Tomohiro Takeuchi, Jun Fukushima , Yamato Hayashi and Hirotsugu Takizawa
20.[R] 超音波による銀ナノ粒子の酸化処理銅ナノ粒子表面への担持と応用.[化学工業社 CHEMICAL ENGINEERING,62(6), (2017), 53-61]Yamato Hayashi, Ryo Sasaki, Hirotsugu Takizawa
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