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1.An observation on Einstein-Kaehker orbifolds.[Geometry and Something, Fukuoka, 2008.1.11-14,(2008),98-100]Shigetoshi Bando
2.An obstruction for Chern class forms to be harmonic.[Kodai Math. J.,29(3),(2006),337-345]Shigetoshi Bando
3.Einstein-Hermitian metrics on non-compact Kahler manifolds.[Einstein metrics and Yang Mills connections, Marcel Dekker Inc.,(1993),27-33]Shigetoshi Bando
4.Removable singulasities for holomorphic vector bundles.[Tohoku Mathematical Journal,43,(1991)]BANDO Shigetoshi
5.Bubbling out of Einstein manifolds.[Tohoku Mathematical Journal,42,(1990)]BANDO Shigetoshi
6.Ricci-flat Kahler metines on affine algebraic manifolds II.[Mathematische Annalen,287,(1990)]BANDO Shigetoshi
7.On a construction of coordinates at infinity on manifolds with fast curvature decay and maximal volume growth.[Inventiones mathematicae,97,(1989)]BANDO Shigetoshi
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