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1.[O] Application of optimal control simulation to selective photodissociation of IBr by non-resonant dynamic Stark effects.[The Journal of Chemical Physics,149(6),(2018),064302-]T. Tashiro, M. Yoshida, and Y. Ohtsuki
2.[O] Isotope-selective molecular alignment induced by optimal laser pulses.[Molecular Physics,115,(2017),1730-1739]K. Nakashima, M. Yoshida, T. Nakajima, Y. Ohtsuki
3.[O] Laser control of chemical reactions: Theoretical/computational approaches.[Reference Modules of Chemistry, Molecular science and Chemical Engineering,11616,(2017)]Y. Ohtsuki
4.[O] Optimal control approaches for aligning/orienting linear molecules.[Adv. Multiphoton and Spectroscopy (World Scientific),23,(2016),55-96]Y. Ohtsuki, M. Yoshida, K. Nakashima, K. Arai, and K. Nakajima
5.[O] Reduced-dynamics approach for optimally designing unitary transformations.[Phys. Rev. A,90,(2015),013415-12 pages]K. Arai and Y. Ohtsuki
6.[O] Control of molecular orientation with combined near-single-cycle THz and optimally designed non-resonant laser pulses: Carrier-envelope phase effects.[Chemical Physics Letters,633,(2015),169-174]M. Yoshida, Y. Ohtsuki
7.[O] Application of stochastic Liouville-von Neumann equation to electronic energy transfer in FMO complex.[Chemical Physics,446,(2015),134-141]H. Imai, Y. Ohtsuki, H. Kono
8.[O] Pulse-fluence-specified optimal control simulation with applications to molecular orientation and spin-isomer-selective molecular alignment.[AIP Conference Proceedings,1702,(2015),090032-4 pages]M. Yoshida, K. Nakashima, and Y. Ohtsuki
9.[O] Orienting CO molecules with an optimal combination of THz and laser pulses: Optimal control simulation with specified pulse amplitude and fluence.[Physical Review A,90,(2014),013415-1-013415-11]M. Yoshida and Y. Ohtsuki
10.[O] Theoretical/numerical study on strong-laser-induced interference in the B state of I2.[Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.,16,(2014),5689-5697]Y. Ohtsuki, H. Goto, H. Katsuki, and K. Ohmori
11.[O] Optimal control simulation of field-free molecular orientation: alignment-enhanced molecular orientation.[J. Phys. Chem. A,116,(2012),11219-]K. Nakajima, H. Abe, and Y. Ohtsuki
12.[O] Development of nonresonant optimal control simulation to include polarization effects of laser pulses.[Chemical Physics,400,(2012),13-18]H. Abe and Y. Ohtsuki
13.[B] Conical Intersections.[World Scientific,(2011)]Yukiyoshi Ohtsuki, Wolfgang Domcke
14.[O] Frequency-network mechanism for alignment of diatomic molecules by multipulse excitation.[Physical Review A,83,(2011),053410-1-053410-9]Hiroya Abe, Yukiyoshi Ohtsuki
15.[O] Path integral molecular dynamics simulation of quasi-free rotational motion of CO doped in a large para-hydrogen cluster.[Chemical Physics Letters,510,(2010),304-307]Yoshihiko Mizumoto, Yukiyoshi Ohtsuki
16.[O] Ultrafast Fourier transform with a femtosecond-laser-driven molecule.[Physical Review Letters,104,(2010),180501-4]K. Hosaka, H. Shimada, H. Chiba, H. Katsuki, Y. Teranishi, Y. Ohtsuki, and K. Ohmori
17.[O] Simulating quantum search algorithm using vibronic states of I2 manipulated by optimally designed gate pulses.[New Journal of Physics,12,(2010),045002-18]Y. Ohtsuki
18.[O] 量子最適制御シミュレーション法の開発と分子科学への応用.[第38回制御理論シンポジウム資料,(2009),353-356]大槻幸義
19.[O] Optimal alignment control of a nonpolar molecule through nonresonant multi-photon interactions.[The Journal of Chemical Physics,129(19),(2008),194103-1-194103-9]Kazuyuki Nakagami, Yoshihoko Mizumoto, Yukiyoshi Ohtsuki
20.[O] Monotonically convergent algorithms for solving quantum optimal control problems of a dynamical system nonlinearly interacting with a control.[Physical Review A,77,(2008),033414-]Yukiyoshi Ohtsuki, Kazuyuki Nakagami
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