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3.Woven Composites, Computational and Experimental Methods in Structures - Vol. 6, M.H.Aliabadi (Ed.).[Imperial College Press/World Scientific,(2015)]Y. Shindo, T. Takeda and F. Narita
4.Handbook on Micromechanics and Nanomechanics, S. Li and X.-L. Gao (Eds.).[Pan Stanford Publishing Pte. Ltd.,(2013)]Yasuhide Shindo and Fumio Narita
5.Smart Actuation and Sensing Systems - Recent Advances and Future Challenges, Rocco Vertechy and Gabriele Vassura (Eds.).[InTech Publishing Company,(2012)]Yasuhide Shindo and Fumio Narita
6.Composite Materials Research Progress, Lucas P. Durand (Ed.).[Nova Science Publishers, Inc.,(2008)]Yasuhide Shindo and Fumio Narita
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