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41.Effects of sulfate aerosols induced by a large asteroid impact on ultra-violet radiation in the atmosphere.[Geophysical Research Letters,34,(2007),L23805-]Ishida, H., Kaiho, K., Asano S.
42.Paleoredox, biotic and sulfur-isotopic changes associated with the end-Permian mass extinction in the western Tethys.[Chemical Geology,244,(2007),483-492]Gorjan, P., Kaiho, K., Kakegawa, T., Niitsuma, S., Chen, Z.Q., Kajiwara, Y., Nicora, A.
43.Onset of biotic and environmental recovery from the end-Permian mass extinction within 1-2 million years: A case study of the Lower Triassic of the Meishan section, South China.[Palaeogeogr., Palaeoclimatol., Palaeoecol.,,252,(2007),176-187]Chen Z.Q., Tong, J., Kaiho K,, Kawahata, H.
44.Correlation and comparison of seawater δ34Ssulfate records at the Permian-Triassic transition..[Chemical Geology,243,(2007),275-285]Gorjan, P., Kaiho, K.
45.Faunal turnovers in central Pacific benthic foraminifera during the Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum..[Palaeogeogr., Palaeoclimatol., Palaeoecol.,251,(2007),175-197]Takeda, K., Kaiho, K.
46.Numerical simulations of hypervelocity impact of asteroid/comet on the Earth..[. International Journal of Impact Engineering,33,(2006),713-722]Saito, T., Kaiho K., Abe A., Katayama, M., Takayama, K.
47.A sulfur isotope event at the end of the Permian.[Chemical Geology,235,(2006),33-47]Kaiho, K., Kajiwara, Y., Chen, Z.Q., Gorjan, P.
48.Close-up of the end-Permian mass extinction horizon recorded in the Meishan section, South China: Sedimentary, elemental, and biotic characterization with a negative shift of sulfate sulfur isotope ratio..[Palaeogeogr., Palaeoclimatol., Palaeoecol.,239,(2006),396-405]Kaiho, K., Chen, Z.Q., Kawahata, H., Kajiwara, Y., Sato, H.
49.Anomalous shifts in tropical Pacific planktonic and benthic foraminiferal test size during the Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum..[Palaeogeogr., Palaeoclimatol., Palaeoecol.,237,(2006),456-464]Kaiho, K., Takeda, K., Petrizzo, M.R., Zachos, J.C.
50.Survival brachiopod faunas of the end-Permian mass extinction from the southern Alps (Italy) and South China..[Geological Magazine,143,(2006),301-327]Chen Z.Q., Kaiho K, George A.D, Tong J.
51.Abrupt and massive influx of terrestrial biomarkers into the marine environment at the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary, Caravaca, Spain..[Palaeogeogr., Palaeoclimatol., Palaeoecol.,224,(2005),108-116]Arinobu, T., Ishiwatari, R., Kaiho, K., Lamolda, M.A., Seno, H.
52.Survival strategies of brachiopod faunas from the end-Permian mass extinction..[Palaeogeogr., Palaeoclimatol., Palaeoecol.,224,(2005),232-269]Chen Z.Q., Kaiho K., George, A.D.
53.Early Triassic recovery of the brachiopod faunas from the end-Permian mass extinction: A global review.[Palaeogeogr., Palaeoclimatol., Palaeoecol.,224,(2005),270-290]Chen Z.Q., Kaiho K., George, A.D.
54.Nannofloral extinction and survivorship across the K/T boundary at Caravaca, southeastern Spain.[Palaeogeogr., Palaeoclimatol., Palaeoecol.,224,(2005),27-52]Lamolda, M.A., Melinte, M.C., Kaiho K.
55.Post-extinction brachiopod faunas from the Late Permian Wuchiapingian coal series of South China.[Acta Palaeontologica Polonica,50(2),(2005)]Chen Z.Q., Shi G.R., Campi, M.J., Kaiho, K.
56.A negative carbon isotope anomaly associated with the earliest Lopingian (Late Permian) mass extinction.[Palaeogeogr., Palaeoclimatol., Palaeoecol.,223,(2005),172-180]Kaiho, K., Chen, Z.Q., Ohashi, T., Arinobu, T., Sawada, K., Cramer, B.S.
57.New ophiuroids from the Permian-Triassic boundary beds of South China.[Palaeontology,47(5),(2004),1301-1312]Chen Z.Q., Shi G.R., Kaiho, K.
58.Relationship between surface-water temperature and ice-sheet expansion during the middle Miocene..[Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology,201,(2003),307-320]Ohta S., Kaiho, K., and Takei, T.
59.End-Permian catastrophe by a bolide impact: evidence of a gigantic release of sulfur from the mantle: Reply..[Geology,(2002),856-]Kaiho, K., Kajiwara, Y., Miura, Y.
60.Climate Change and Microrganism Size..[White, K. and Urquhart, E. (Eds.), ODP's Greatest Hits,2,(2002),1pp.-]Kaiho, K.
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