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101.[O] Japan in early Cenomanian and Campanian times relative to Tethys and Arctic waters: Ostracode implications..[Saito Ho-on Kai Spec. Pub.,(3),(1991),177-189]Ishizaki, K. and Kaiho, K.
102.[O] Sulfur isotopic data from the CretaceSulfur isotopic data from the Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary sediments in the eastern Hokkaido, Japan..[Ann. Rep., Inst. Geosci., Univ. Tsukuba,17,(1991),69-73]Kajiwara, Y. and Kaiho, K.
103.[O] Unusual composition of pore waters found in the Izu-Bonin fore-arc sedimentary basin..[Nature,344,(1990),215-218]Egeberg, P. K. and the Leg 126 Shipboard Scientific Party
104.[O] Explosive deep water basalt in the Sumisu Backarc Rift..[Science,248,(1990),1165-1264]Gill, J., Torssander, P., Lapierre, H., Taylor, R., Kaiho, K., et al
105.[O] Arc volcanism and rifting..[Nature,342,(1989),18-20]Fujioka, K., Taylor, B., et al.
106.[O] ODP Leg 126 drills the Izu-Bonin arc..[Geotimes,34(10),(1989),36-38]Fujioka, K., Taylor, B., et al.
107.[O] Uppermost Cretaceous to Paleogene bathyal benthic foraminiferal biostratigraphy of Japan and New Zealand: Latest Paleocene-Middle Eocene benthic foraminiferal species turnover..[Revue de Paleobiologie,Vol. Spec. No.(2),(1988),553-559]Kaiho, K
108.[O] End-Cretaceous devastation of terrestrial flora in the boreal Far East.[Nature,323,(1986),253-255]Saito, T., Yamanoi, T. and Kaiho, K
109.[O] , The best section representing the Eocene/Oligocene boudary in Japan..[Terminal Eocene events,(1986),159-160]Kaiho, K., Okada, H. and Takayanagi, Y.
110.[O] Terminal Cretaceous sedimentary sequence recognized in the northernmost Japan based on planktonic foraminiferal evidence..[Proc. Japan Acad.,62(ser. B),(1986),145-148]Kaiho, K. and Saito, T.
111.[O] Haplophragmoides apertiumbilicatus, newname for Haplophragmoides umbilicatus Kaiho, 1984 (preoccupied)..[Tohoku Univ. Sci.Rep., 2nd ser. (Geol),56,(1986),41]Kaiho, K
112.[O] Paleogene foraminifera from Hokkaido, Japan. Part 2. Correlation of the Paleogene System in Hokkaido and systematic paleontology..[Tohoku Univ. Sci.Rep., 2nd ser. (Geol),55,(1984),1-74]Kaiho, K
113.[O] Paleogene foraminifera from Hokkaido, Japan. Part 1. Lithostratigraphy and biostratigraphy including description of new species..[Tohoku Univ. Sci.Rep., 2nd ser. (Geol),54,(1984),95-139]Kaiho, K
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