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61.[O] End-Permian catastrophe by a bolide impact: evidence of a gigantic release of sulfur from the mantle: Reply..[Geology,(2002),856-]Kaiho, K., Kajiwara, Y., Miura, Y.
62.[O] Climate Change and Microrganism Size..[White, K. and Urquhart, E. (Eds.), ODP's Greatest Hits,2,(2002),1pp.-]Kaiho, K.
63.[O] 白亜紀/第三紀境界に何が起こったかー生物の絶滅パターンとその原因.[熊澤峰夫・丸山茂徳編、プルームテクトニクスと全地球史解読,(2002),171-179]海保邦夫
64.[O] 生物大絶滅:地球生物進化のなぞ解き..[東北大学総合学術博物館ニュースレター,Omnividens,(4),(2002),4-5]海保邦夫
65.[O] C60が語る巨大隕石衝突と大量絶滅.[日経サイエンス,32(6),(2002),88-96]L. ベッカー(海保邦夫訳)
66.[O] 白亜紀・第三紀境界の大量絶滅.[熊澤峰夫・伊藤孝士・吉田茂生編、全地球史解読,(2002),483-488]海保邦夫
67.[O] 白亜紀末の大絶滅の実像が明らかになった.[熊澤峰夫・丸山茂徳編、プルームテクトニクスと全地球史解読,(2002),180-]海保邦夫
68.[O] A new genus of Rhynchonellid brachiopod from the Lower Triassic of South China and implications for timing the recovery of brachiopoda after the end-Permian mass extinction..[Palaeontology,45,(2002),149-164]Chen, Z., Shi, G.R. and Kaiho, K.
69.[O] End-Permian catastrophe by a bolide impact: evidence of a gigantic release of sulfur from the mantle..[Geology,29,(2001),815-818]Kaiho, K., Kajiwara, Y.,Nakano, T., Miura, Y., Kawahata, H., Tazaki, K., Ueshima, M., Chen, Z., and Shi, G.R.,
70.[O] 生物の絶滅事変.[学術月報,685,(2001),51-53]海保邦夫
71.[O] Excerpts from the final report of the JOIDES extreme climates program..[JOIDES Journal,26,(2000),17-28]Kroon, D., Dickens, G., Erbacher, J., Herbert, T., Jansa, L., Hugh Jenkyns, Kunio Kaiho, Dennis Kent, Mark Leckie, Richard Norris, Isabella Premoli-Silva, James Zachos, and Frank Bassinot
72.[O] 生物事変総説.[月刊地球,29,(2000),128-135]海保邦夫
73.[O] 生物事変の総合研究.[月刊地球,29,(2000),202-217]海保邦夫
74.[O] 白亜紀/第三紀境界の大規模火災:有機地球化学からのアプローチ.[月刊地球,29,(2000),178-181]有信哲哉・石渡良志・海保邦夫・Lamolda, M. A
75.[O] Catastrophic extinction of planktonic foraminifera at the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary evidenced by stable isotopes and foraminiferal abundance at Caravaca, Spain.[Geology,27,(1999),355-358]Kaiho, K. and Lamolda, M. A.
76.[O] Oceanic primary productivity and dissolved oxygen levels at the Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary* Their decrease,subsequent warming, and recovery.[Paleoceanography,14,(1999),511-524]Kaiho, K., Kajiwara, Y., Tazaki, K., Ueshima, M., Takeda, N., Kawahata, H., Arinobu, T., Ishiwatari, R., Hirai, A., and Lamolda, M. A.
77.[O] Effect of organic carbon flux and dissolved oxygen on the benthic foraminiferal oxygen index (BFOI).[Marine Micropaleontology,37,(1999),67-76]Kaiho, K.
78.[O] Evolution in the test size of deep-sea benthic foraminifera during the past 120 m.y..[Marine Micropaleontology,37,(1999),53-65]Kaiho, K.
79.[O] Spike of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons associated with an abrupt decrease in d13C of a terrestrial biomarker at theCretaceous-Tertiary boundary at Caravaca, Spain.[Geology,27,(1999),723-726]Arinobu, T., Ishiwatari, R., Kaiho, K., and Lamolda, M. A.
80.[O] 生物事変:復元の科学3.[化石,66,(1999),42-]海保邦夫・西 弘嗣・大野照文
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