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21.[B] Pacific Equatorial Transect. IODP Prel. Rept., 320.[(2009)]Pälike, H., Nishi, H., Lyle, M., Raffi, I., Klaus, A., Gamage, K., and the Expedition 320/321 Scientists
22.[O] Litho-, bio- and chemostratigraphy across the Cenomanian/Turonian boundary(OAE2) in the Vocontian Basin of southeastern France.[Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology,273,(2009),61-74]R. Takashima, H. Nishi, K. Hayashi, H. Okad, H. Kawahata, T. Yamanaka, A. G. Fernando, M. Mampuku
23.[O] Distribution of recent benthic foraminifera along continental slope of the Sounda Shelf (South China).[Marine Micropaleontology,71,(2009),41-59]R. Szarek, W. Kuhnt, H. Kawamura and H. Nishi
24.[O] Evolution of Eastern Pacific Warm Pool and upwelling processes since the middle Mioecne based on analysis of radiolarian assemblages: response to Indian and Central American Seaways.[Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology,280,(2009),469-479]S. Kamikuri, I. Motoyama, H. Nishi, M. Iwai
25.[O] Neogene radiolarian biostratigraphy and faunal evolution rates in the easternequatorial Pacific ODP Sites 845 and 1241.[Acta Palaeontologica Polonica,43,(2009),45-57]S. Kamikuri, I. Motoyama, H. Nishi, M. Iwai
26.[B] 地球の変動と生物進化.[北海道大学出版会,(2008)]沢田 健・綿貫 豊・西 弘嗣・栃内 新・馬渡俊輔
27.[B] 地球と生命の進化学.[北海道大学出版会,(2008)]沢田 健・綿貫 豊・西 弘嗣・栃内 新・馬渡俊輔
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