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1.[O] Systematic analysis of inelastic α scattering off self-conjugate A=4n nuclei.[Physical Review C,97,(2018),014601-]T.Adachi et al.
2.[O] Parit-nonconserving interaction-induced light shifts in the 7S1/2-6D3/2 transition of the ultracold 210Fr atoms to probe new physics beyond the standard model.[Applied Physics B,123,(2017),120-]T.Aoki et al.
3.[R] 変形原子核の巨大単極共鳴.[(2017)]吉田賢市, 伊藤正俊
4.[O] Are there nuclear structure effects on the isoscalar giant monopole resonance and nuclear incompressibility near A~90?.[Physics Letters B,760,(2016),482-]Y.K.Gupta et al.
5.[O] Effect of the ground state deformation on isoscalar giant resonances in 28Si.[Physical Review C,93,(2016),064325-]T.Peach et al.
6.[O] Deformation effects on isoscalar giant resonances in 24Mg.[Physical Review C,93,(2016),044324-]Y.K.Gupta et al.
7.[O] Candidate Resonant Tetraneutron State Populated by the 4He(8He,8Be) Reaction.[Physical Review Letters,116,(2016),052501-]K.Kisamori et al.
8.[O] Nonquenched Isoscalar Spin-M1 Excitation in the sd-Shell Nuclei.[Physical Review Letters,115,(2015),102501-]H.Matsubara et al.
9.[O] Splitting of ISGMR strength in the light-mass nucleus 24Mg due to ground state deformation.[Physics Letters B,748,(2015),343-]Y.K. Gupta et al.
10.[O] Experimental search for the electron electric dipole moment with laser cooled francium atoms.[Hyperfine Interactions,230,(2015),157-162]T. Inoue et al.
11.[O] Missing monopole strength of the Hoyle state in the alpha inelastic scattering.[Journal of Physics Conference Series,569,(2014),012014-]T.Kawabata et al.
12.[O] Cluster structure of broad resonances near threshold in C-12 and O-16.[Journal of Physics Conference Series,569,(2014),012009-]M.Itoh et al.
13.[O] Futher Improvement of the Upper Limit on the Direct 3α Decay from the Hoyle state in 12C.[Physical Review Letters,113,(2014),102501-]M. Itoh et al.
14.[O] Restoration of Accelerator Facilities Damaged by Great East Japan Earthquake at Cyclotron and Radioisotope Center, Tohoku University.[Tohoku J. Exp. Med.,233,(2014),221-]Wakui T, Itoh M, Shimada K, Yoshida HP, Shinozuka T, Sakemi Y
15.[O] Excitation of giant monopole resonance in 208Pb and 116Sn using inelastic deuteron scattering.[Physics Letters B,735,(2014),387-]D.Patel, U.Garg, M.Itoh, et al.
16.[O] Isoscalar giant resonances strengths in S-32 and possible exciation of superdeformed and Si-28 + alpha cluster bandheads.[Physical Review C,88,(2013),064313-]M.Itoh et al.
17.[O] Testing the mutually enhanced magicity effect in nuclear incompressibility via the giant monopole resonance in the Pb-204, Pb-206, Pb-208 isotopes.[Physics Letters B,726,(2013),178-181]D.Patel et al.
18.[O] Effect of high-energy proton and electron irradiation on GaN Schottky diode.[Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research Section A,717,(2013),1-]S.Narita et al.
19.[O] Shallow and diffuse spin-orbit potential for proton elastic scattering from neutron-rich helium isotopes at 71 MeV/nucleon.[Physical Review C,87(2),(2013),021601-]S.Sakaguchi, T.Uesaka, N.Aoi, Y.Ichikawa, K.Itoh, M.Itoh, T.Kawabata, T.Kawahara, Y.Kondo, H.Kuboki, T.Nakamura, T.Nakao, Y.Nakayama, H.Sakai, Y.Sasamoto, K.Sekiguchi, T.Shimamura, Y.Shimizu, T.Wakui
20.[O] Giant monopole resonance in even-A Cd isotopes, the asymmetry term in nuclear incompressibility, and the "softness" of Sn and Cd nuclei.[Physics Letter B,718(2),(2012),447-450]D.Patel, U.Garg, M.Fujiwara, H.Akimune, G.P.A.Berg, M.N.Harakeh, M.Itoh, T.Kawabata, K.Kawase, B.K.Nayak, T.Ohta, H.Ouchi, J.Piekarewicz, M.Uchida, H.P.Yoshida, M.Yosoi
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