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1.Higgs Mixing in the NMSSM and Light Higgsinos.[JHEP,1411,(2014),148-]K.S. Jeong, Y. Shoji and M. Yamaguchi
2.Higgs mixing and diphoton rate enhancement in NMSSM models.[JHEP,1302,(2013),090-]K. Choi, S.H. Im, K.S. Jeong and M. Yamaguchi
3.Light Higgsino in Heavy Gravitino Scenario with Successful Electroweak Symmetry Breaking.[JHEP,(1209),(2012),050-]J.S. Jeong, M. Shimosuka and M. Yamaguchi
4.Singlet-doublet Higgs mixing and its implications on the Higgs mass in PQ-NMSSM.[JHEP,1209,(2012),007-]K.S. Jeong, Y. Shoji and M. Yamaguchi
5.Peccei-Quinn invariant extension of the NMSSM.[JHEP,(1204),(2012),022-]K.S. Jeong, Y. Shoji and M. Yamaguchi
6.SuperTopcolor.[JHEP,1101,(2011),111-]H. Fukushima, R. Kitano and M. Yamaguchi
7.Mixed Mediation of Supersymmetry Breaking with Anomalous U(1) Gauge Symmetry.[JHEP,1106,(2011),049-]K. Choi, K.S. Jeong, K. Okumura and M. Yamaguchi
8.Axion model in gauge-mediated supersymmetry breaking and a solution to mu/Bmu problem.[JHEP,1107,(2011),124-]K.S. Jeong and M. Yamaguchi
9.Sparticle masses in deflected mirage mediation.[JHEP,0904,(2009),107-]K. Choi, K.S. Jeong, S. Nakamura, K. Okumura and M. Yamaguchi
10.Bs mixing phase and lepton flavor violation in supersymmetric SU(5).[Physics Letters B,670,(2009),356-362]J.H. Park and M. Yamaguchi
11.Sflavor mixing map viewed from a high scale in supersymmetric SU(5).[JHEP,0811,(2008),051-]P. Ko, J.H. Park and M. Yamaguchi
12.Axionic Mirage Mediation.[Physical Review D,77,(2008),115027-]S. Nakamura, K. Okumura, M. Yamaguchi
13.A Note on Polonyi Problem.[Phys. Lett. B,655,(2007),167-]S. Nakamura and M. Yamaguchi
14.Hierarchical mass structure of fermions in warped extra dimension.[Phys. Rev. D,73,(2006),033002-]S. Chang, C.S. Kim, M. Yamaguchi
15.Gravitational Kaluza-Klein modes in warped superstring compactification.[Phys. Lett. B,636,(2006),221-226]T. Noguchi, M. Yamaguchi, M. Yamashita
16.Four-dimensional effective M-theory on a singular G(2) manifold.[Phys. Rev. D,74,(2006),086008-]L.B. Anderson, A.B. Barrett, A. Lukas and M. Yamaguchi
17.Gravitinos from heavy scalar decay.[Phys. Rev. D,74,(2006),023520-]T. Asaka, S. Nakamura, M. Yamaguchi
18.Gravitino production from heavy moduli decay and cosmological moduli problem revived.[Phys. Lett. B,638,(2006),389-]S. Nakamura, M. Yamaguchi
19.A Bottom-up approach to moduli dynamics in heavy gravitino scenario: Superpotential, soft terms and sparticle mass spectrum.[Phys. Rev. D,72,(2005),015004-]M. Endo, M. Yamaguchi, K. Yoshioka
20.Recent measurements of CP asymmetries of B to phi K0 and B to eta-prime Ks at B-factories suggest new CP violation in left-handed squark mixing.[Phys. Lett. B,609,(2005),95-101]M. Endo, S. Mishima, M. Yamaguchi
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