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121.Synthesis and Structure of a Stable Cyclic Dialkylgermylene.[Chemistry Letters,(1999),63-]IWAMOTO Takeaki
122.Bimolecular Reactions of Tetrakis(trialkylsilyl)disilenes with Various Reagents.[Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan,71,(1998),2741-]IWAMOTO Takeaki
123.A Mechanistic Study of Thermal and Photochemical Isomerization between Hexasilyltetrasila-bicyclo[1.1.0]butane and Hexasilyltetrasilacyclobutene.[Chemistry Letters,(1998),277-]IWAMOTO Takeaki
124.Synthesis, Structure, and Reactions of Hexakis(trialkyl-silyl)tetrasilacyclobutene.[44nd Symposium on Organometallic Chemistry, Japan Abstract,(1997),128-]IWAMOTO Takeaki
125.A Solid-State NMR and Theoretical Study of the Chemical Bonding in Disilene.[Journal of the American Chemical Society,119,(1997),4972-]IWAMOTO Takeaki
126.The First Stable Cyclic Disilene : Hexakis(trialkylsilyl)tetrasilacyclobutene.[Journal of the American Chemical Society,118,(1996),10303-]IWAMOTO Takeaki
127.Tetrakis(trialkylsilyl)digermenes. Salient Effects of Trialkylsilyl Substituents on Planarity around Ge=Ge Bond and Remarkable Thermochromism.[Organometallics,15,(1996),3767-]IWAMOTO Takeaki
128.Synthesis, Structure, and Reactions of Tetrakis(trialkylsilyl)-substituted Disilenes and Digermenes.[42nd Symposium on Organometallic Chemistry, Japan Abstract,(1995),128-]IWAMOTO Takeaki
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