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101.Synthesis, structure, and isomerization of A2Si=SiB2-type tetrakis(trialkylsilyl)disilenes.[Journal of Organometallic Chemistry,686,(2003),105-110]T. Iwamoto, J. Okita, C. Kabuto, M. Kira
102.Comparison of Structures between Platinum and Palladium Complexes of a Tetrasilyldisilene.[Canadian Journal of Chemistry,81,(2003),1241-1245]H. Hashimoto, Yu. Sekiguchi, Yo. Sekiguchi, T. Iwamoto, C. Kabuto, and M. Kira
103.Photochemical Isomerization and X-ray Structure of Stable [Tris(trialkylsilyl)silyl]cyclotrisilene.[Organometallics,22,(2003),2342-2344]T. Iwamoto, M. Tamura, C. Kabuto, M. Kira
104.Excited-State Reactions of an Isolable Silylene with Aromatic Compounds.[Journal of the Americal Chemical Society,124,(2002),3830-3831]M. Kira, S. Ishida, T. Iwamoto, and C. Kabuto
105.Hexakis(trialkylsilyl)cyclotrisilanes and Photochemical Generation of Bis(trialkylsilyl)silylenes.[Journal of the Chemical Society, Dalton Transaction,(2002),1539-1544]M. Kira, T. Iwamoto, T. Maruyama, T. Kuzuguchi, D. Yin, C. Kabuto, and H. Sakurai
106.Synthesis and X-Ray Structure of a Platinum 2-Disilene Complex.[Organometallics,21,(2002),454-456]H. Hashimoto, Y. Sekiguchi, T. Iwamoto, C. Kabuto, and M. Kira
107.Sila-metalation Route to Hydrido(trialkylsilyl)silyllithiums.[Journal of the Americal Chemical Society,124,(2002),11604-11605]T. Iwamoto, J. Okita, C. Kabuto, M. Kira
108.Unexpected Reactions of an Isolable Dialkylsilylene with Haloalkanes.[Chemistry Letters,(2001),1102-1103]S. Ishida, T. Iwamoto, C. Kabuto, and Mitsuo Kira
109.Silyl Migrations.[John Wiley and Sons,(2001),853-948]M. Kira and T. Iwamoto
110.Novel 1,2-Dilithiodisilanes Derived from Reduction of Stable Tetrakis(trialkylsilyl)disilenes with Lithium Metal.[Chemistry Letters,(2001),910-911]M. Kira, T. Iwamoto, D. Yin, T. Maruyama, and H. Sakurai
111.Isolable Cyclotrisilenes and Spiropentasiladiene(oral presentation).[The 33rd Organosilicon Symposium, Saginaw, Michigan, USA,(2001),6-8]Takeaki Iwamoto, Makoto Tamura, Chizuko Kabuto, and Mitsuo Kira
112.A Mechanistic Study of Reactions of Stable Disilenes with Haloalkanes.[The Journal of the American Chemical Society,123,(2001),1676-]IWAMOTO Takeaki, et al.
113.The First 1,3-Disilabicyclo[1.1.0]butane with Long Bridge Silicon-Silicon Bond.[Journal of the Americal Chemical Society,123,(2001),12730-12731]T. Iwamoto, D. Yin, C. Kabuto, and M. Kira
114.New Synthesis of a Stable Dialkylstannylene and its Reversible Complexation with Tetrahydrofuran.[Journal of Organometallics Chemistry,636,(2001),144-147]M. Kira, S. Ishida, T. Iwamoto, R. Yauchibara, and H. Sakurai
115.A Stable Bicyclic Compound with Two Si=Si Double Bonds.[Science,290,(2000),504-]T. Iwamoto, M. Tamura, C. Kabuto, M. Kira
116.Stable Cyclic and Acyclic Persilyldisilene.[The Journal of Organometallic Chemistry,611,(2000),236-]IWAMOTO Takeaki
117.Facile Rotation around Si=Si Double Bonds in Tetrakis(trialkylsilyl)disilenes(jointly authored).[Organometallics,19,(2000),1817-]IWAMOTO Takeaki
118.The First Stable Cyclotrisilenes(oral presentation).[The 12th International Symposium on Organosilicon Chemistry, Sendai, Japan,(1999),23-28]Takeaki Iwamoto, Chizuko Kabuto, and Mitsuo Kira
119.The First Isolable Dialkylsilylene.[The Journal of the American Chemical Society,121,(1999),9722-]IWAMOTO Takeaki
120.The First Stable Cyclotrisilene.[Journal of the American Chemical Society,121,(1999),886-]IWAMOTO Takeaki
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