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1.[O] Rhodium-Catalyzed Isomerization and Alkyne Exchange Reactions of 1,4-Dithiins via the 1,2-Ethenedithiolato Rhodium Complex.[Organometallics,37,(2018),3174-3180]Mieko Arisawa,* Kyosuke Sawahata, Takuya Ichikawa, and Masahiko Yamaguchi
2.[O] Rhodium-Catalyzed Synthesis of Dialkyl(Heteroaryl)Phosphine Sulfides by Phosphinylation of Heteroaryl Sulfides.[Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis,360,(2018),3488-3491]Mieko Arisawa,* Takeru Tazawa, Wataru Ichinose, Haruki Kobayashi, and Masahiko Yamaguchi
3.[O] Catalytic Method for the Synthesis of C−N-Linked Bi(heteroaryl)s Using Heteroaryl Ethers and N‐Benzoyl Heteroarenes.[Org. Lett.,20,(2018),1756-1759]Saori Tanii, Mieko Arisawa,* Takaya Tougo, and Masahiko Yamaguchi
4.[O] SYNTHESIS OF UNSYMMETRIC HetAr–X–HetAr’ COMPOUNDS BY RHODIUM-CATALYZED HETEROARYL EXCHANGE REACTIONS.[HETEROCYCLES,94,(2017),2179-2207]Mieko Arisawa,* Saori Tanii, Takeru Tazawa, and Masahiko Yamaguchi
5.[O] Thieme Chemistry Journals Awardees – Where Are They Now? Rhodium-Catalyzed Synthesis of Unsymmetric Di(heteroaryl) Ethers Using Heteroaryl Exchange Reaction.[Synlett,28,(2017),1601-1607]Saori Tanii, Mieko Arisawa,* Takaya Tougo, Kiyofumi Horiuchi, and Masahiko Yamaguchi
6.[O] Chemical braking exhibited by ethynylhelicene (M)-nonamer in solution: Competitive reaction system of self-catalysis to form double-helix and approach towards equilibrium to form random-coil.[Tetrahedron,73,(2017),2801-2805]Tsukasa Sawato, Atsushi Yagi, Mieko Arisawa, Masahiko Yamaguchi*
7.[O] Rhodium-Catalyzed Synthesis of Unsymmetric Di(heteroaryl) Sulfides Using Heteroaryl Ethers and S‐Heteroaryl Thioesters via Heteroarylthio Exchange.[The Journal of Organic Chemistry,82,(2017),804-810]Mieko Arisawa,* Takeru Tazawa, Saori Tanii, Kiyofumi Horiuchi, and Masahiko Yamaguchi
8.[O] Synthesis of Symmetrical and Unsymmetrical 1,4-Dithiins by Rhodium-Catalyzed Sulfur Addition Reaction to Alkynes.[Synthesis,48,(2016),3107-3119]Mieko Arisawa,* Takuya Ichikawa, Saori Tanii, Masahiko Yamaguchi
9.[O] Rhodium-catalyzed P–P bond exchange reaction of diphosphine disulfides.[Chemical Communications,52,(2016),13580-13583]Mieko Arisawa,* Tomoki Yamada, Saori Tanii, Yuta Kawada, Hisako Hashimoto and Masahiko Yamaguchi
10.[O] Rhodium-catalyzed transformation of heteroaryl aryl ethers into heteroaryl fluorides.[Chemical Communications,52,(2016),11390-11393]Mieko Arisawa,* Saori Tanii, Takeru Tazawa and Masahiko Yamaguchi
11.[O] Rhodium Enolate Complexes as Synthons and Catalysts in Organic Chemistry.[The Chemistry of Metal Enolates, Vol. 2, Patai's Chemistry of Functional Groups,(2016),1-42]Mieko Arisawa* and Masahiko Yamaguchi*
12.[O] Equilibrum and Nonequilibrium Chemical Reactions of Helicene Oligomers in the Noncovalent Bond Formation.[Bull. Chem. Soc. Jpn.,89,(2016),1145-1169]Masahiko Yamaguchi*, Mieko Arisawa, Masanori Shigeno, and Nozomi Saito
13.[O] Rhodium-Catalyzed 2-Methylthiolation Reaction of Thiazoles/Oxazoles Using 2-(Methylthio)thiazole.[HETEROCYCLES,90,(2015),939-949]Mieko Arisawa*, Yuri Nihei, and Masahiko Yamaguchi
14.[O] Palladium-Catalyzed Addition Reaction of Thioesters to Norbornenes.[Tetrahedron,71,(2015),6449-6458]Mieko Arisawa*, Saori Tanii, and Masahiko Yamaguchi
15.[O] Equilibrium Shift Induced by Chiral Nanoparticle Precipitateon in Rhodium-catalyzed Disulfide Exchange Reaction.[Tetrahedron,71,(2015),4920-4926]Masamichi Miyagawa, Mieko Arisawa, and *Masahiko Yamaguchi
16.[O] Synthesis of Thiiranes by Rhodium-catalyzed Sulfur Addition Reaction to Reactive Alkenes.[Chem. Commun.,51,(2015),8821-8824]Mieko Arisawa*, Takuya Ichikawa, and Masahiko Yamaguchi
17.[O] Rhodium-catalyzed Synthesis of Unsymmetrical Di(aryl/heteroaryl)methanes Using Aryl/heteroarylmethyl Ketones via CO-C Bond Cleavage.[Chemical Communications,50,(2014),4328-4330]Guangzhe Li, Mieko Arisawa*, and Masahiko Yamaguchi
18.[O] Palladium-Catalyzed Addition Reaction of Aroyl/heteroaroyl Acid Anhydrides to Norbornenes.[Chem. Commun.,50,(2014),15267-15270]Mieko Arisawa*, Saori Tanii, and Masahiko Yamaguchi
19.[O] Synthesis of Organosulfides Using Transition-metal-catalyzed Substitution Reactions: to Construct Exergonic Reactions Employing Metal Inorganic and Organic Co-substrate/Co-product Methods.[Tetrahedron Letters,55,(2014),3391-3399]Mieko Arisawa*
20.[O] Rhodium-catalyzed Synthesis of 2,3-Diaryl-1,4-diketones via Oxidative Coupling of Benzyl Ketones Using Thioketone Oxidizing Reagent.[Tetrahedron Letters,54,(2013),1298-1301]Mieko Arisawa*, Guangzhe Li, and Masahiko Yamaguchi
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