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1.[O] Fractionation of the stable carbon isotope ratio of essential fatty acids in zebrafish Danio rerio and mud snails Bellamya chinensis.[Oecologia,180(2),(2016),589-600]Fujibayashi M1, Ogino M, Nishimura O..
2.[O] Food utilization of shell-attached algae contributes to the growth of host mud snail, Bellamya chinensis: Evidence from fatty acid biomarkers and carbon stable isotope analysis.[Limnologica,57,(2016),66-72]Fujibayashi, M., Sakamaki, T., Shin, W., Nishimura O.
3.[O] Spatio-temporal characteristics of the fatty acid compositions of two macrobenthos (Nuttallia olivacea and Hediste sp.) in the Nanakita River estuary, Japan,.[Environmental Earth Science,74,(2015),5283-5293]Woo-Seok Shin, Megumu Fujibayashi, Osamu Nishimura
4.[O] Differences in the removal mechanisms of Undaria pinnatifida and Phragmites australis as biomaterials for lead removal.[Water Sci. Technol.,72(7),(2015),1226-1232]P.C.SOTO-RIOS, M.LEON-ROMERO, Y.Aikawa, O.Nishimura K.Nakano and S.Arai
5.[O] The seasonal variation of emission of greenhouse gases from a full-scale sewage treatment plant.[Chemosphere,140,(2015),167-173]Shuhei Masuda, Shunsuke Suzuki, Itsumi Sano, Yu-You Li, Osamu Nishimura
6.[O] Asymmetric response of sedimentary pool to surface water in organics from a shallow hypereutrophic lake: The role of animal consumption and microbial utilization.[Ecological Indicators,58,(2015),346-355]Xiaoguang Xu, Wei Li, Megumu Fujibayashi, Munehiro Nomura, Osamu Nishimura, Xianning Li
7.[O] N2Oを指標とした無酸素好気回分式活性汚泥法の制御手法.[水環境学会誌,32(3),(2009),147-152]増田周平, 野村宗弘, 千葉信男, 中野和典, 西村修, 水落元之, 稲森悠平
8.[O] ディスポーザ排水導入が嫌気・好気循環方式生活排水処理システムに及ぼす影響.[下水道協会誌,46(559),(2009),97-107]山崎宏史, 鈴木理恵, 井上廣輝, 稲森悠平, 蛯江美孝, 西村修
9.[O] 豚舎排水を処理する回分式活性汚泥法におけるN2Oの発生特性.[日本水処理生物学会誌,45(1),(2009),13-22]西村修, 増田周平, 五ノ井浩二, 原田茂樹, 水落元之, 稲森悠平
10.[O] Is sediment mud content a significant predictor of macrobenthos abundance in low-mud-content tidal flats?.[Marine and Freshwater Research,60(0),(2009),160-167]T. Sakamaki and O. Nishimura
11.[O] Differences in adsorption mechanisms of heavy metal by two different plant biomass: reed and brown seaweed.[Water Science and Technology,59(2),(2009),339-346]B.Southichak, K.Nakano, M.Nomura, N.Chiba, O.Nishimura
12.[O] Evaluation of extremely shallow vertical subsurface flow constructed wetland for nutrient removal.[Water Science and Technology,59(2),(2009),295-301]T.Taniguchi, K.Nakano, N.Chiba, M.Nomura, O.Nishimura,
13.[B] 環境浄化のための微生物学.[講談社サイエンティフィク,(2008)]西村修,ほか
14.[B] 河川汽水域.[技報堂出版,(2008)]西村修,ほか
15.[B] 環境工学の新世紀.[技報堂出版,(2008)]西村修,ほか
16.[O] Marine macroalga Sargassum horneri as biosorbent for heavy metal removal: roles of calcium in ion exchange.[Water Science and Technology,58(3),(2008),697-704]B. Southichak, K. Nakano, M. Nomura, N. Chiba and O. Nishimura
17.[O] ディスポーザ対応浄化槽のLCCO2評価.[日本水処理生物学会誌,44(3),(2008),129-138]山崎宏史, 鈴木理恵 蛯江美孝, 稲森悠平, 西村修
18.[O] ディスポーザ排水の生物学的可溶化・資化反応特性.[日本水処理生物学会誌,44(3),(2008),149-159]山崎宏史, 鈴木理恵, 蛯江美孝, 稲森悠平, 西村修,
19.[O] 干潟における底質有機物含有率の動的平衡性―干潟生態系再生への応用に関する考察.[土木学会論文集 G,64(3),(2008),250-261]坂巻隆史, 西村修
20.[O] マコモの生育基盤およびハクチョウの摂食がマコモの成長に与える影響.[土木学会論文集G,64(2),(2008),123-131]岩淵藍子, 中野和典, 千葉信男, 野村宗弘, 西村 修
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