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1.Non-parametric detection of atmospheric radon concentration anomalies related to earthquakes.[Scientific Reports,8:13028,(2018)]Daichi Iwata, Hiroyuki Nagahama, Jun Muto and Yumi Yasuoka
2.The Anomaly in Atmospheric Radon Concentrations Prior to the 2011 Tohoku-Oki Earthquake in Japan.[Radiation Environment and Medicine,7(2),(2018),86-94]Yumi Yasuoka, Hiroyuki Nagahama, Jun Muto and Takahiro Mukai
3.Accurate measurement of indoor radon concentration using a low-effective volume radon monitor.[Radiat. Prot. Dosim.,177,(2017),324-]Tanaka, A., Minami, N., Yasuoka, Y., Iimoto, T., Omori, Y., Nagahama, H., Muto, J.,Mukai, T.
4.バブリング法による水中ラドン濃度測定について.[高エネルギー加速器研究機構(KEK) 2017, Proceeding of the 18th Workshop on Environmental Radioactivity 2017,(2017),333-338]神代悠希,石原万己,藤井さとみ,安岡由美,細田正洋,岩岡和輝,床次眞司,Miroslaw Janik,武藤潤,長濱裕幸,向高弘
5.活性炭型ラドン検出器による屋内ラドン濃度測定の検討.[第67回日本薬学会近畿支部大会,(2017)]藤井さとみ, 新井友里愛, 安岡由美, 飯本武志, 床次眞司, Miroslaw Janik, 長濱裕幸, 武藤潤, 向高弘
6.SHEAR ZONE DEVELOPMENT AND FRICTIONAL INSTABILITY OF FAULT GOUGE.[International Journal of GEOMATE,12(34),(2017),32-37]Momoko Hirata, Jun Muto, and Hiroyuki Nagahama
7.Generation of billow-like wavy folds by fluidization at high temperature in Nojima fault gouge: microscopic and rock magnetic perspectives.[Earth, Planets and Space,69,(2017),54-]Fukuzawa, T., Nakamura, N., Oda, H., Uehara, M., and Nagahama, H.
10.1186/ s40623-017-0638-y.
8.Self-affinities of Folds and Incomplete Similarity.[GSTF Journal of Geological Sciences, Global Science and Technology Forum,3(1),(2017),5-8]Kazuhei Kikuchi and Hiroyuki Nagahama
10.5176/2335-6774 3.1.24.
9.Concept of plasticity index to influence mechanical bifurcation of soils and soft-sediment deformation.[Proceedings of Second International Conference on Science, Engineering & Environment (SEE-Osaka 2016), Osaka, Japan, November 21st-23rd, 2016,2,(2016),173-179]Naoto Kaneko, Jun Muto, Hiroyuki Nagahama
10.CLARIFICATION OF SHEAR ZONE DEVELOPMENT IN A GOUGE LAYER RELATED TO SLIP INSTABILITY.[Proceedings of Second International Conference on Science, Engineering & Environment (SEE-Osaka 2016), Osaka, Japan, November 21st-23rd, 2016,2,(2016),108-112]Momoko Hirata, Jun Muto, and Hiroyuki Nagahama
11.Self-affinities of Folds and Incomplete Similarity.[Proceedings of Annual International Conference on Geological and Earth Sciences 2016, Singapore, October 10, 2016,(2016),53-55]Kazuhei Kikuchi and Hiroyuki Nagahama
12.Anomalous changes in atmospheric radon concentration before and after the 2011 northern Wakayama Earthquake (MJ 5.5).[Radiation Protection Dosimetry,(2016),1-7]Mikako Goto, Yumi Yasuoka, Hiroyuki Nagahama, Jun Muto3, Yasutaka Omori, Hayato Ihara and Takahiro Mukai
13.Method for correction of differential stress calculations from experiments using the solid salt assembly in a Griggs-type deformation apparatus.[Tectonophysics,672,(2016),170-176]Kido, M., Muto, J. and Nagahama, H.
14.Theory of consolidation and precursory time of earthquakes.[International Organization of Scientific Research Journal of Mechanical and Civil Engineering (IOSR-JMCE),13(4),(2016),44-46]Naoto Kaneko, Hiroyuki Nagahama
15.地震発生先行過程に伴うラドン放出と地殻変形.[「地震に先行する大気中ラドン濃度変動に関する観測, 「災害の軽減に貢献するための地震火山観測研究計画の推進について成果」報告書,(2016)]長濱裕幸 (研究参加者:武藤 潤)
16.Stretched exponential relaxation of viscous remanence and magnetic dating of erratic boulders.[Journal of Geophysical Research,121(11),(2016),7707-7715]Sato, T., Nakamura, N., Nagahama, H., Minoura, K.
17.Finsler geometry of topological singularities for multi-valued fields: Applications to continuum theory of defects.[Annalen der Physik,528(11-12),(2016),845-851]Yajima, T. and Nagahama, H.
18.The Energetic Assessment of Frictional Instability Based on Rowe's Theory.[AGU 2015 Fall Meetings,(2015)]Hirata, M., Muto, J. and Nagahama, H.
19.Calibration for stress measurement of Griggs-type high temperature and high pressure deformation apparatus.[Japan Geoscience Union Meeting,(2015)]Kido M, Muto J and Nagahama H.
20.Batdorf parameter for the spherical shells tectonics.[European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2015,EGU2015-10638,(2015)]Kikuchi, K., and Nagahama, H.
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