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21.[O] 地震発生先行過程に伴うラドン放出と地殻変形.[「地震に先行する大気中ラドン濃度変動に関する観測, 「災害の軽減に貢献するための地震火山観測研究計画の推進について成果」報告書,(2016)]長濱裕幸 (研究参加者:武藤 潤)
22.[O] Stretched exponential relaxation of viscous remanence and magnetic dating of erratic boulders.[Journal of Geophysical Research,121(11),(2016),7707-7715]Sato, T., Nakamura, N., Nagahama, H., Minoura, K.
23.[O] Finsler geometry of topological singularities for multi-valued fields: Applications to continuum theory of defects.[Annalen der Physik,528(11-12),(2016),845-851]Yajima, T. and Nagahama, H.
24.[O] Theory of consolidation and precursory time of earthquakes.[International Organization of Scientific Research Journal of Mechanical and Civil Engineering (IOSR-JMCE),13(4),(2016),44-46]Naoto Kaneko, Hiroyuki Nagahama
25.[O] The Energetic Assessment of Frictional Instability Based on Rowe's Theory.[AGU 2015 Fall Meetings,(2015)]Hirata, M., Muto, J. and Nagahama, H.
26.[O] Calibration for stress measurement of Griggs-type high temperature and high pressure deformation apparatus.[Japan Geoscience Union Meeting,(2015)]Kido M, Muto J and Nagahama H.
27.[O] Batdorf parameter for the spherical shells tectonics.[European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2015,EGU2015-10638,(2015)]Kikuchi, K., and Nagahama, H.
28.[B] 課題1. 環境放射線を測る、東北大学全学教育科目テキスト・自然科学総合実験2015、東北大学自然科学総合実験テキスト編集委員会(編).[東北大学出版会,(2015)]東北大学自然科学総合実験テキスト編集委員会(編), 岩佐直仁, 長濱裕幸
29.[B] Environmental radioactivity (2015 Introductory Science Experiments).[Tohoku University,(2015)]Naohito Iwasa & Hiroyuki Nagahama
30.[O] Radon as an indicator of nocturnal atmospheric stability: a simplified theoretical approach.[Boundary-Layer Meteorology,(2015)]Omori, Y. and Nagahama, H.
31.[O] Fractal particle size distribution of pulverized fault rocks as a function of distance from the fault core.[Geophysical Research Letter,42(10),(2015),3811-3819]Muto, J., Nakatani, T., Nishikawa, O., Nagahama, H.
32.[O] Annual variation in the atmospheric radon concentration in Japan.[J. Environ. Radioact.,146,(2015),110-118]Kobayashi,Y., Yasuoka, Y., Omori, Y., Nagahama, H., Sanada, T., Muto, J., Suzuki, T., Homma, Y., Ihara, H., Kubota, K., Mukai, T.
33.[O] Normal seasonal variations for atmospheric radon concentration: A sinusoidal model.[J. Environ. Radioact,139,(2015),149-153]Hayashi K., Yasuoka Y., Nagahama H., Muto J., Ishikawa T., Omori Y., Suzuki T., Homma Y., Mukai T.
34.[O] Finsler geometry for nonlinear path of fluids flow through inhomogeneous media.[Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications,25,(2015),1-8]Yajima, T. and Nagahama, H.
35.[O] 地震発生先行過程に伴うラドン放出と地殻変形.[「地震に先行する大気中ラドン濃度変動に関する観測, 「災害の軽減に貢献するための地震火山観測研究計画の推進について成果」報告書,(2015)]長濱裕幸 (研究参加者:武藤 潤)
36.[O] Paleomagnetism reveals the emplacement age of tsunamigenic coral boulders on Ishigaki Island.[Geology,(2014)]SATO, T., NAKAMURA, N., Goto, K., KUMAGAI, Y., Nagahama, H., Minoura K.
37.[B] Environmental radioactivity (2014 Introductory Science Experiments).[Tohoku University,(2014)]Naohito Iwasa & Hiroyuki Nagahama
38.[B] 課題1. 環境放射線を測る、東北大学全学教育科目テキスト・自然科学総合実験2014、東北大学自然科学総合実験テキスト編集委員会(編).[東北大学出版会,(2014)]東北大学自然科学総合実験テキスト編集委員会(編), 岩佐直仁, 長濱裕幸
39.[O] Experimental analysis on Rowe’s stress-dilatancy relation and frictional instability of fault gouges.[Episodes,38(4),(2014),303-307]Hirata, M., Muto, J. and Nagahama, H
40.[O] Self-affinities Analysis of Fault-related Folding, Special issue in Subduction zone hazards.[Episodes,38(4),(2014),308-311]Kazuhei Kikuchi, Kazutoshi Abiko, Hiroyuki Nagahama and Jun Muto
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