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321.[O] Growth Pattern of Pull-apart Basin.[Structural Geology,36,47-52,(1991)]H. Nagahama
322.[O] The Origin of Pseudotachylytes and the State-of-stress Problems..[Chikyu Monthly,13(6),(1991),416-427]T. Shimamoto, H. Nagahama
323.[O] Fractures and Fractals.[Mathematical Seismology,24(5),(1990),228-246]H. Nagahama
324.[O] Orthoquartzite Fragments in the Miocene Sedimentary Section in Minakami District, North Gunma Prefecture..[Earth Sciene (Chikyu Kagaku),43(5),(1989),290-296]M. Takahashi, H, Nagahama, Y. Tanaka
325.[O] Geometry and Geological Significance of "Vein structure" in Soft Sediment.[Structural Geology,34,27-35,(1989)]S. Saneatsu, H. Nagahama
326.[O] Age of the Lower Part of Neogene Sedimentary Rocks in the Chichibu Basin, as Dated by Calcareous Nannofossils.[Fossils,46,1-9,(1989)]NAGAHAMA Hiroyuki, et al.
327.[O] The Ryoke Belt in Hiki Hills, Northeastern Marginal Area of the Kanto Mountains.[The Journal of the Geological Society of Japan,93(3),(1987),201-215]H. Takagi, H. Nagahama
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