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241.[B] Tectono-and Chemicomagnetic Effects in Earthquake Process.[(2001)]N. Nakamura, H. Nagahama
242.[O] Flow and slips in S-C mylonites: geological implication of seismogenetic processes.[International Symposium on Slip and Flow Processes in and below the Seismogenic Region, Nov. 5-8, 2001, Saito Ho-on Kaikan Hall, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Japan, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology,(2001),68-1-68-7]N. Nakamura & H. Nagahama
243.[O] Voltage-changes induced by stick-slips of granites..[2001 Asia-Pacific Radio Science Conference, AP-RASC'01, Chuo Univ., Tokyo, Japan, PG9-04.,(2001),361-]A. Takeuchi, H. Nagahama
244.[O] Sattinger's group theoretical bifurcation theory: Curie symmetry principle.[5th Congress & Exhibition ISIS-Symmetry, July, Sydney, Australia,,(2001)]T. Chiba, H. Nagahama
245.[O] Symmetry in the self-organized criticality.[5th Congress & Exhibition ISIS-Symmetry, July, Sydney, Australia,,(2001)]K. Nanjo, H. Nagahama, E. Yodogawa
246.[O] Symmetropy and self-organized criticality.[Forma,16(3),(2001),213-224]K. Nanjo, H. Nagahama, E. Yodogawa
247.[O] Curie symmetry principle in nonlinear functional systems.[Forma,16(3),(2001),225-231]T. Chiba, H. Nagahama
248.[O] Gauge theory of dislocational electromagnetic field in earthquake preparation zone.[Acta Geophysica Polonica,49(3),(2001),437-448]H. Nagahama
249.[O] Seismic rotation waves: dislocations and disclinations in a micromorphic continuum.[Acta Geophysica Polonica,49(1),(2001),119-129]H. Nagahama, R. Teisseyre
250.[O] Changes in magnetic and fractal properties of fractured granites near the Nojima Fault, Japan.[Island Arc,10(3-4),(2001),486-494]N. Nakamura, H. Nagahama
251.[O] The sections' fractal dimension of grain boundary.[Applied Surface Sciences,182(3-4),(2001),297-301]M. Takahashi, H. Nagahama
252.[O] Voltage cha.[Geophysical Research Letter,28(17),(2001),3365-3368]A. Takeuchi, H. Nagahama
253.[O] Seismic Rotation Waves : Dislocations and Disclinations in a Micromorphic Continuum.[Acta Geophisica・Polonica,49(1),(2001),119-129]H. Nagahama, R. Teisseyre
254.[O] Electric Potential Changes Induced by Stick-slips of Granites.[International Workshop, Seismo Electromagnetics 2000 of NASDA, Programme and Abstracts,(2000),21-]A. Takeuchi, H. Nagahama
255.[O] A Gauge Theory of Dislocations Extended by Including the Electronic Fields : Electromagnetic Generation in Earthquake Preparation Zone.[International Workshop Seismo Electromagnetics 2000 of NASDA, Programme and Abstracts,(2000),120-]H. Nagahama
256.[O] Fractal Scalings of Rock Fragmentation.[Earth Science Frontiers,7(1),(2000),169-177]H. Nagahama
257.[O] Micromorphic Continuum and Fractal Fracturing in the Lithosphere.[Pure and Applied Geophysics,157,(2000),559-574]H. Nagahama, R. Teisseyre
258.[O] Fractal Grain Boundary Migration.[Fractals,18(2),(2000),189-194]M. Takahashi, H. Nagahama
259.[O] Spatial Distribution of Aftershocks and the Fractal Structure of Active Fault Systems.[Pure and Applied Geophysics,157,(2000),575-588]K. Nanjo, H. Nagahama
260.[O] Curie Symmetry Principle : Dose It Constraint the Analysis of Structural Geology?.[Forma,15,(2000),87-94]N. Nakamura, H. Nagahama
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