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201.[O] Symmetropy of fault patterns: Quantitative measurement of anisotropy and entropic heterogeneity.[Mathematical Geology,37(3),(2005),277-293]K. Nanjo, H. Nagahama & Yodogawa E.
202.[O] Discussions on Fractals, aftershocks and active faults: Diffusion and seismo-electromagnetism.[The Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering,(2004)]K. Nanjo, H. Nagahama
203.[O] Electric-discharge luminescence between frictional natural quartz by pin-on-disk method: Possible origin of seismo-electromagnetic radiation.[EOS Trans AGU,85 (47),(2004),Abstract T51B-0446-]J. Muto, H. Nagahama, T. Miura, I. Arakawa
204.[O] Curie symmetry principle in nonlinear functional analysis.[ISIS- Symmetry,(2004),298-301]T. Chiba, H. Nagahama
205.[O] Symmetry in the self-organized criticality.[ISIS- Symmetry,(2004),302-305]K. Nanjo, H. Nagahama & E. Yodogawa
206.[O] Seismic ray path in anisotropic medium based on higher-order geometry.[Workshop on "Probing Earth Media Having Small-Scale Heterogeneities" Proceedings (Aoba Memorial Hall, Tohoku Univ., Sendai, Japan, 22-23 November, 2004),(2004),62-65]T. Yajima, H. Nagahama
207.[O] Micromorphic continuum with defects and lattice preferred orientation: Application to seismic anisotropy in polycrystals.[Workshop on "Probing Earth Media Having Small-Scale Heterogeneities" Proceedings (Aoba Memorial Hall, Tohoku Univ., Sendai, Japan, 22-23 November, 2004),(2004),58-61]J. Muto, Y. Kawada, H. Nagahama
208.[O] Infrared lattice vibrational modes and hydrolytic weakening of dynamically recrystallized quartz.[2nd International workshop on Water Dynamics,(2004),97-100]J. Muto, H. Nagahama, T. Hashimoto
209.[O] Frictional melting can terminate seismic slips: Experimental results of stick-slips.[Geophysical Research Letter,31(21),(2004),L21605, doi:10.1029/2004GL020642-]Y. Koizumi, K. Otsuki, A. Takeuchi, H. Nagahama
210.[O] Microinfrared reflection spectroscopic mapping: application to the detection of hydrogen-related species of natural quartz.[Journal of Microscopy,216,(2004),222-228]J. Muto, H Nagahama, T. Hashimoto
211.[O] Strain weakening of nature recrystallized quartz by hydrous point defects.[Gordon Research Conference, The Role of Water in Rock Deformation. Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Massachusetts,(2004)]J. Muto, H. Nagahama & T. Hashimoto
212.[O] TL property of quartz grain surface.[The Thermoluminescence and Optically Stimulated Laboratory and the Department of Earth Sciences, Dalhousie University are pleased to sponsor the 3rd New World Luminescence Dating Workshop, July 4 - 7, 2004, Department of Earth Sciences, Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia, Canada, 4 to 7 July, 2004, Abstract,(2004),35-]A. Takeuchi, H. Nagahama, T. Hashimoto
213.[O] Viscoelastic relaxation behaviours and temporal fractal properties for rocks and clays.[Symposium Tectonics on Human Time Scales June 1 to 4, 2004 organized by Collaborative Research Center SFB 526 "Rheology of the Earth" at Ruhr-University Bochum and the Deformation and Rheology Group at GeoForschungs Zentrum Potsdam, Sprockhovel, Germany, Abstract volume, B. Stockhert and G. Dresen (eds.),(2004),171-]Y. Kawada, H. Nagahama
214.[O] The mechanical phase transition for viscoelastic relaxation behavior of rocks: introducing “free-space volume for solids”.[The 4th International Conference "Fractals and Dynamic Systems in Geoscience", Book of abstracts,(2004),47-]Y. Kawada, H. Nagahama, H. Hara
215.[O] 課題1. 環境放射線を測る.[東北大学全学教育科目テキスト・自然科学総合実験2004、東北大学自然科学総合実験テキスト編集委員会(編)、東北大学出版会、仙台,(2004),11-32]N. Iwasa & H. Nagahama
216.[B] 課題1. 環境放射線を測る、東北大学教育科目テキスト・自然科学総合実験2004.[東北大学出版会,(2004)]東北大学自然科学総合実験テキスト編集委員会(編)、岩佐直仁・長濱裕幸(課題1)
217.[O] Fractal properties of spatial distributions of aftershocks and active faults.[Chaos, Solitons and Fractals,19,(2004),387-397]K. Nanjo, H. Nagahama
218.[O] Dielectric anisotropy and deformation of crustal rocks: physical interaction theory and dielectric mylonites.[Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors,141(1),(2004),27-35]J. Muto, H. Nagahama
219.[O] Scaling laws between seismo- electric/magnetic fields and earthquake magnitude.[Terra Nova,16,(2004),152-156]A. Takeuchi and H. Nagahama
220.[O] Surface electrification of rocks and charge trapping centers.[Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, Parts A,29,(2004),359-366]A. Takeuchi, H. Nagahama & T. Hashimoto
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