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1.Quaternary vicariance of lotic Coeliccia in the Ryukyu-Taiwan islands contrasted with lentic Copera.[Journal of Heredity,108,(2017),280-287]Soichi Osozawa, Fumiyasu Sato, John Wakabayshi
2.Quaternary vicariance of Ypthima butterflies (Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae, Satyrinae) and systematics in the Ryukyu Islands and Oriental region.[Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society,180,(2017),593-602]Soichi Osozawa, Mayumi Takahashi, John Wakabayashi
3.Variety of origins and exhumation histories of Sambagawa eclogite interpreted through the veil of extensive structural and metamorphic overprinting.[The crust-mantle and lithosphere-asthenosphere boundaries: Insights from xenoliths, orogenic deep sections and geophysical studies. Geological Society of America Special Paper,(526),(2017),49-71]Soichi Osozawa, John Wakabayashi
4.Quaternary vicariance of Platypleura (Cicadidae) in Japan, Ryukyu, and Taiwan islands.[Biological Journal of the Linnean Society,121,(2017),185-199]Soichi Osozawa, Shigehiko Shiyake, Haruo Fukuda, John Wakabayashi
5.Quaternary vicariance of Cicindela chinensis (tiger beetle) in Ryukyu, Japan, Taiwan, and Korea- China.[Entomological Research,46,(2016)]Soichi Osozawa, Haruo Fukuda, Hyeok-Yeong Kwon, John Wakabayashi
6.Carabid beetles (Carabus blaptoides) from Nii-jima and O-shima isles, Izu-Bonin oceanic islands: Dispersion by Kuroshio current and the origin of the insular populations.[Insect Systematics & Evolution,(2016)]Kyoji Osozawa, Shuichi Ogino, Soichi Osozawa, Yuichi Oba, John Wakabayashi
7.Killer typhoons began to impact the Japanese islands from ca.1.55 Ma, based on phylogeography of Chlorogomphus (gliding dragonfly).[Journal of Earth Science & Climatic Change,(2015)]Soichi Osozawa, John Wakabayashi
8.Ryukyu endemic Mycalesis butterflies, speciated vicariantly due to isolation of the islands since 1.55 Ma.[Lepidoptera Science,66,(2015)]Soichi Osozawa, Mayumi Takahashi, John Wakabayashi
9.Late stage exhumation of HP metamorphic rocks, progressive localization of strain, and changes in transport direction, Sambagawa belt, Japan.[Journal of Structural Geology,(2015)]Soichi Osozawa, John Wakabayashi
10.2014年昆虫学会賞と年代キャリブレーション.[Insect DNA Research Newsletter,(22),(2015),38-44]Soichi Osozawa
11.Reactivation of a collisional suture by Miocene transpressional domes associated with the Red River and Song Chay detachment faults, northern Vietnam.[Journal of Asian Earth Sciences,(2015)]Soichi Osozawa, Nguyen Van Vuong, Vu Van Tich, John Wakabayashi
12.Vicariance of Pyrocoelia (Lampyridae; firefly) in the Ryukyu islands, Japan.[Biological Journal of the Linnean Society,111,(2015)]Soichi Osozawa, Yuichi Oba, Hyeok-Yeong Kwon, John Wakabayashi
20.Vicariant speciation due to 1.55 Ma isolation of Ryukyu islands, Japan, based on geological and GenBank data.[Entomological Science,16,(2013),267-277]Osozawa, S., Okamoto, T., Su, Z.-H., Oba, Y., Yagi, T., Watanabe, Y., and Wakabayashi, J.
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