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21.[O] アマチュアの昆虫DNA(前編).[昆虫DNA研究会ニュースレター,18,(2013),35-40]遅沢壮一・大場裕一
22.[O] Vicariant speciation due to 1.55 Ma isolation of Ryukyu islands, Japan, based on geological and GenBank data.[Entomological Science,16,(2013),267-277]Osozawa, S., Okamoto, T., Su, Z.-H., Oba, Y., Yagi, T., Watanabe, Y., and Wakabayashi, J.
23.[O] Formative process of islands of Tokuno-shima, Amami-Oshima, Kikai-jima, and Takara-jima.[Insect DNA Research Newsletter,17,(2012),5-12]Osozawa, S., Tanaka, H., and Shinjo, R.
24.[B] Geology of the Sambagawa metamorphic zone, central Shikoku.[Ehime Prefectural Science Museum,(2012)]Osozawa, S.
25.[O] Geochemistry and geochronology of the Troodos ophiolite: An SSZ ophiolite generated by subduction initiation and an extended episode of ridge subduction ?.[Lithosphere,4,(2012),497-510]Osozawa, S., Shinjo,R., Lo, C. -H., Jahn, B. -M., Hoang,N., Sasaki,M., Ishikawa,K., Kano, H., Hoshi, H., Xenophontos, C., and Wakabayashi, J.
26.[O] Folding of granite and Cretaceous exhumation associated with regional-scale flexural slip folding and ridge subduction, Kitakami zone, northeast Japan.[Journal of Asian Earth Sciences,59,(2012),85-98]Osozawa, S., Tsai, C. -H., and Wakabayashi, J.
27.[O] Exhumation of Triassic HP–LT rocks by upright extrusional domes and overlying detachment faults, Ishigaki-jima, Ryukyu islands.[Journal of Asian Earth Sciences,59,(2012),74-84]Osozawa, S., and Wakabayashi, J.
28.[O] Palaeogeographic reconstruction of the 1.55 Ma synchronous isolation of the Ryukyu Islands, Japan, and Taiwan and inflow of the Kuroshio warm current.[INTERNATIONAL GEOLOGY REVIEW,54(12),(2012),1369-1388]Osozawa, Soichi Shinjo, Ryuichi Armid, Alroem Watanabe, Yasushi Horiguchi, Toshiaki Wakabayashi, John
29.[B] Geology of Nago City and Kunigami District, northern and central Okinawa main-island.[Nago Museum,(2011)]Soichi Osozawa and Yasushi Watanabe
30.[B] 東北大学昆虫研究会誌第4号,東北(とんぺい)昆虫.[(2011)]遅沢壮一
31.[O] Sedimentary block-in-matrix fabric affected by tectonic shear, Miocene Nabae complex, Japan.[In: John Wakabayashi and Yildirim Dilek (Editors), Melanges: Processes of Formation and Societal Significance, Geological Society of America Special Paper,480,(2011),189-206]Osozawa, S., Pavlis, T., and Flower, M.
32.[B] 東北大学昆虫研究会誌第3号,東北(とんぺい)昆虫.[(2010)]東北大学昆虫研究会
33.[O] 荒砥沢ダムにおける2008年岩手・宮城内陸地震(M6.8)の地表地震断層;後期中新世カルデラ縁正断層が再動した地表地震断層.[地球科学,63,(2009)]遅沢壮一
34.[B] 東北大学昆虫研究会誌第2号,東北(とんぺい)昆虫.[(2009)]東北大学昆虫研究会
35.[O] Block-in-matrix structure lacking shear fabric: Sedimentary melange of the Yuwan complex, Ryukyu Islands, Japan.[Geological Society of America Bulletin,120,(2008)]Osozawa, S., Morimoto, J., Flower, M.
36.[O] Medium P/T metamorphism in a subduction zone: A new type of regional metamorphism in Japanese accretionary complexes, inferred from b cell dimension of potassic white mica.[Nova Science Publishers, Inc.,(2008)]Osozawa, S., Koitabashi, T., Katsube, S., and Flower, M.
37.[B] 東北大学植物園の昆虫,2007年度基礎ゼミ‘フィールドサイエンス’成果報告書,東北大学昆虫研究会誌第1号.[(2008)]Insect research party, Tohoku University
38.[O] Structural evolution of the Bayanhongor region, west-central Mongolia.[Journal of Asian Earth Asciences,33,(2008),337-352]Osozawa, S., Tsolmon, G., Majigsuren, U., Jargalan, S., Shigeaki Niitsuma, Naoyoshi Iwata, Terry Pavlis, and Bor-ming Jahn
39.[O] The high P/T Sambagawa extrusional wedge, Japan.[JOURNAL OF STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY,29(7),(2007),1131-1147]Osozawa, Soichi Pavlis, Terry
40.[O] Muroto.[地質学雑誌, Supplement,112,(2006),41-53]遅沢壮一
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