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1.[O] Quaternary vicariance of lotic Coeliccia in the Ryukyu-Taiwan islands contrasted with lentic Copera.[Journal of Heredity,108,(2017),280-287]Soichi Osozawa, Fumiyasu Sato, John Wakabayshi
2.[O] Quaternary vicariance of Ypthima butterflies (Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae, Satyrinae) and systematics in the Ryukyu Islands and Oriental region.[Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society,180,(2017),593-602]Soichi Osozawa, Mayumi Takahashi, John Wakabayashi
3.[O] Quaternary vicariance of Platypleura (Cicadidae) in Japan, Ryukyu, and Taiwan islands.[Biological Journal of the Linnean Society,121,(2017),185-199]Soichi Osozawa, Shigehiko Shiyake, Haruo Fukuda, John Wakabayashi
4.[O] Variety of origins and exhumation histories of Sambagawa eclogite interpreted through the veil of extensive structural and metamorphic overprinting.[The crust-mantle and lithosphere-asthenosphere boundaries: Insights from xenoliths, orogenic deep sections and geophysical studies. Geological Society of America Special Paper,(526),(2017),49-71]Soichi Osozawa, John Wakabayashi
5.[O] Quaternary vicariance of Cicindela chinensis (tiger beetle) in Ryukyu, Japan, Taiwan, and Korea- China.[Entomological Research,46,(2016)]Soichi Osozawa, Haruo Fukuda, Hyeok-Yeong Kwon, John Wakabayashi
6.[O] Carabid beetles (Carabus blaptoides) from Nii-jima and O-shima isles, Izu-Bonin oceanic islands: Dispersion by Kuroshio current and the origin of the insular populations.[Insect Systematics & Evolution,(2016)]Kyoji Osozawa, Shuichi Ogino, Soichi Osozawa, Yuichi Oba, John Wakabayashi
7.[O] Killer typhoons began to impact the Japanese islands from ca.1.55 Ma, based on phylogeography of Chlorogomphus (gliding dragonfly).[Journal of Earth Science & Climatic Change,(2015)]Soichi Osozawa, John Wakabayashi
8.[O] Ryukyu endemic Mycalesis butterflies, speciated vicariantly due to isolation of the islands since 1.55 Ma.[Lepidoptera Science,66,(2015)]Soichi Osozawa, Mayumi Takahashi, John Wakabayashi
9.[O] Late stage exhumation of HP metamorphic rocks, progressive localization of strain, and changes in transport direction, Sambagawa belt, Japan.[Journal of Structural Geology,(2015)]Soichi Osozawa, John Wakabayashi
10.[O] 2014年昆虫学会賞と年代キャリブレーション.[Insect DNA Research Newsletter,(22),(2015),38-44]Soichi Osozawa
11.[O] Reactivation of a collisional suture by Miocene transpressional domes associated with the Red River and Song Chay detachment faults, northern Vietnam.[Journal of Asian Earth Sciences,(2015)]Soichi Osozawa, Nguyen Van Vuong, Vu Van Tich, John Wakabayashi
12.[O] Vicariance of Pyrocoelia (Lampyridae; firefly) in the Ryukyu islands, Japan.[Biological Journal of the Linnean Society,111,(2015)]Soichi Osozawa, Yuichi Oba, Hyeok-Yeong Kwon, John Wakabayashi
13.[O] ヒメハルゼミの系統と徳之島と沖永良部島の生物境界線の地質学的起源.[昆虫DNA研究会ニュースレター,21,(2014),18-21]遅沢壮一
14.[O] ウラナミジャノメ属とコジャノメ属,ニイニイゼミ属の琉球での異所的種分化とCOI進化速度の推定.[昆虫DNA研究会ニュースレター,20,(2014),47-51]遅沢壮一,高橋真弓,初宿成彦
15.[B] 八丈島のポットホールと地質学的背景,2.5万分の1カラー地質図付き.[八丈島観光協会,(2014)]遅沢壮一
16.[B] Geology of Kume-jima.[Kume-jima Horaru-kan,(2014)]Osozawa, S.
17.[O] アマチュアの昆虫DNA(後編).[昆虫DNA研究会ニュースレター,19,(2013),10-16]遅沢壮一・大場裕一
18.[O] カルデラ縁辺などのリストリック正断層が再動した岩手・宮城内陸地震(M6.9)の地表地震逆断層.[地質学雑誌,119,Supplement,(2013),18-26]遅沢壮一・布原啓史
19.[O] 中部シュラ系~下部白亜系相馬中村層群の層序と化石.[地質学雑誌,119,Supplement,(2013),18-26]竹谷陽二郎・遅沢壮一
20.[O] 石垣島の地質(等高線付きカラー地質図付き).[沖縄県立博物館・美術館博物館紀要,(5),(2013),1-18]遅沢壮一・田中浩紀・渡邊康志・仲里健
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