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1.Movement of radiocaesium fallout released by the 2011 Fukushima nuclear accident.[Natural Hazards,73(3),(2014),1843-1862]Koji Minoura, Tsutomu Yamada, Shin-ichi Hirano and Shinji Sugihara
2.Identification and possible recurrence of an oversized tsunami on the Pacific coast of northern Japan..[Natural Hazards,68(2),(2013),631-643]Minoura Koji, Hirano Shin-ichi and Yamada Tsutomu
3.Tsunami Disasters and Tectonic Movements along the Coastal Areas of Northeast Japan Derived from Mega-Earthquake in March, 2011.[Jour. Geomorphological Association of Korea,19,(2012),143-151]Seon Gil CHOI, Hide-aki MATSUMOTO, Shin-ichi HIRANO and Ji-hoon PARK
4.High-Resolution Seismic Reflection Profiling Across the Western Marginal Faults of the Kitakami Lowland in Hanamaki Area, Eastern Margin of Ou Back-bone Range, Northeast, Japan.[Bulletin of the Earthquake Research Institute,82(1),(2007),3-11]Shin Koshiya et al.
5.The surface faults associated with Riku-u earthquake (August 31,1896,M7.2) and estimation of the period of prehistoric large earthquake..[Proceedings of 2006 Korea- Japan / Japan - Korea Geomorphological Conference,(2006),12-17]S. Hirano
6.Land deformation caused by Kisakata earthquake of 1804..[Proceedings of 2006 Korea- Japan / Japan - Korea Geomorphological Conference,(2006),56-60]S. Hirano
7.Shallow seismic reflection profiling across the western marginal faults of Kitakami Lowland, northern Honshu Island, Japan.[Bulletin of the Earthquake Research Institute,81(2),(2006),139-147]Eiji Kurashimo et al.
8.Seismic reflection profiling across active folds in the eastern Shinjo basin, NE Japan.[Bulletin of the Earthquake Research Institute,81(2),(2006),157-169]Hiroshi Sato et al.
9.2003年宮城県北部の地震による旭山丘陵の地盤変状と被害.[東北地域災害科学研究,40,(2004),89-94]平野信一,松本秀明,村山良之,増田 聡
10.地震建物被害調査方法の提案−2003年宮城県北部の地震の経験より−.[東北地域災害科学研究,40,(2004),49-54]村山良之,柴山明寛,佐藤 健,増田 聡,松本秀明,平野信一,寺木彰浩,阪田知彦
11.2003年7月26日宮城県北部の地震による災害.[地理,48(11),(2003),43-48]村山良之,平野信一,松本秀明,増田 聡
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