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1.[O] Genetic diversity in freshwater shrimp Palaemon pausidens.[Bulletin of the Biogeographical Society of Japan,73,(2018),1-16]Chow S., Yanagimoto T.,Maruyama T., Ikeda M., Matsutani N., Oonuki T., Imai T.
2.[O] Genetic diversity of the flathead flounder Hippoglossoides dubius population in Funka Bay inferred from mitochondrial DNA analysis.[Japanese Journal of Ichthyology,65,(2018),75-80]Yamamoto Y., Ikeda M., Nakaya M., Suzuki K., Takatsu T.
3.[O] A DNA marker to discriminate two types of freshwater shrimp Palaemon paucidens and the distribution of these two types in Japan.[Nippon Suisan Gakkaishi,84,(2018),674-681]Chow S., Imai T., Ikeda M., Maki S., et al. (28 co-author)
4.[O] Genetic assesment of Milkfish (Chanos chanos Forsskal) stocks based on novel short tandem repeats (STRs) for marker-aided broodstock management.[Aquaculture Research,49,(2018),1557-1568]Romana-Eguia M.R.R., Santos B.S., Ikeda M., Basiao Z.U., Kijima A.
5.[B] 遺伝的多様性を維持しながら生息池拡大を実現-シナイモツゴおよびゼニタナゴ移植個体群の遺伝的多様性調査-「よみがえる魚たち」.[恒星社厚生閣,(2017)]池田 実(高橋清孝 編著)
6.[O] Genetic diversification of intertidal gastropoda in an archipelago: the effects of islands, oceanic currents, and ecology.[Marine Biology,164,(2017),184-]Yamazaki D.,Miura O.,Ikeda M.,Kijima A., Tu DV.,Sasaki T., Chiba S.
7.[R] 天然のヒラメ親魚集団から生産された放流用種苗の遺伝的多様性について.[全国豊かな海づくり推進協会 豊かな海,(42), (2017), 8-13]池田 実,安藤大樹
8.[O] Development of a Multiplex PCR assay system for genetic diversity analysis of the Japanese flounder Paralichthys olivaceus.[Fish Genetics and Breeding Science,46(2),(2017),65-76]Ando M., Ikeda M., Sekino M., Sugaya T., Katamachi D., Yoseda K., and Kijima A.
9.[O] Genetic characteristics of hatchery-reared juveniles for stock enhancement program of tiger puffer Takifugu rubripes.[Fish Genetics and Breeding Science,46(2),(2017),105-110]Katamachi D., Ikeda M., Ando D., Sugaya T., Yoseda K., Fujii T., and Obata Y.
10.[O] Evaluation for recent stck enhancement program of Japanese flounder Paralichthys olivaceus baced on relatedness analysis.[Fish Genetics and Breeding Science,46(2),(2017),99-104]Ikeda M., Ando D., Sugaya T., Katamachi D., Yoseda K., Fujii T., and Obata Y.
11.[O] The functionality and usage of the newly developed software supporting the massive parentage analysis in the evaluation of the effect of stock enhancement.[Fish Genetics and Breeding Science,46(2),(2017),87-91]Sugaya T., Saio M., Murakami S., Tokihiro K., Noguchi N., Katamachi D., Ikeda M., and Obata Y.
12.[R] 女川フィールドセンターの復興.[Nippon Suisan Gakkaishi,83(2), (2017), 245-248]Ikeda M.
13.[O] Stability of genetic diversity in an intertidal goby population after exposure to tsunami disturbance.[Marine Ecology,37(5),(2016),1161-1167]Hirase S., Ikeda M., Hayasaka S., Iwasaki W., Kijima A.
14.[O] Improvement of mitochondrial DNA haplotyping in Japanese flounder populations using the sequences of control region and ND2 gene.[Nippon Suisan Gakkaishi,82(5),(2016),712-719]Ando D.,Ikeda M., Sekino M., Sugaya T., Katamachi D.,Yoseda K., Kijima A.
15.[O] 宮城県に侵入した淡水エビ:カワリヌマエビ属Neocaridina spp.の分布拡大とヌカエビParatya compressa improvisaへの影響.[Distribution of the exotic freshwater shrimp Neocaridina spp. in Miyagi Prefecture and influence on the habitat of native shrimp Paratya compressa improvisa,9,(2015),47-56]Hasegawa M., Ikeda M., Fujimoto Y.
16.[O] Identification of spawning sites of the tiger puffer Takifugu rubripes in Nanao Bay, Japan, using DNA analysis.[Fisheries Science,81,(2015),485-494]Katamachi D., Ikeda M., Uno K.
17.[O] Novel microsatellite marker development from the unassembled genome sequence data of the marbled flounder Pseudopleuronectes yokohamae..[Marine Genomics,24,(2015),357-361]Minegishi Y., Ikeda M., Kijima A.
18.[O] The draft genome sequence data (raw reads, assembled contigs and unassembled reads) and RAD-tag read data of the marbled flounder Pseudopleuronectes yokohamae..[Molecular Ecology Resources,15,(2015),1014-1015]Genomic Resources Development Consortium, Arthofer W., Bertini L., Caruso C., Cicconardi F., Delph L.F., Fields P.D., Ikeda M., Minegishi Y., Proietti S., Ritthammer H., Schlick-Steiner B.C., Steiner F.M., Wachter G.A., Wagner H.C., Weingartner L.A.
19.[O] Hybrid population of highly divergent groups of the intertidal goby Chaenogobius annularis..[Journal of Experimenral Marine Biology and Ecology,473,(2015),121-128]Hirase S., Ikeda M.
20.[O] Development and characterization of novel microsatellite markers for the milkfish Chanos chanos.[Conservation Genetics Resources,(2014)]Santos S.B., Romana-Eguia M.R.R., Basiao Z.U., Ikeda M.
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